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Getting Ready For 2020

It’s that time of year again!

“What time is that, Christiane?”
…time to get focused for the New Year, of course! Yaaaaayyyyy!


First order of business: Word of the Year.


word of the year 2020


This is something I do every year, and I find that it sets the tone for the year to come in amazing ways. It’s interesting, because last year’s word was INVINCIBLE – and looking over 2019, that was accurate though not in the ways I’d envisioned! In 2017 it was PURPOSEFUL and that’s when I really started plotting out a path that looked a lot different than it did when I had the studio space in Hampden.

I really enjoy looking over each year and the progress and changes that I’ve made. Sometimes, when I make the decisions that I do, things seem scary or even hopeless because those paths don’t always resemble what I’ve held in my mind. But everything always seems to work out, somehow – just as long as I keep an open mind and let the Universe guide me instead of fighting it.

So this year’s word is RESILIENT – defined as: “able to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened: able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems. I think that sums me up, and also what I want to happen in 2020. I’ve had setbacks, yes, but I will bounce back; in fact, I’m getting better every day. My post surgery and infection wounds are healing up, I am able to lift things again and drive and THINK, which was the most alarming setback for me. Post-anesthesia brain fog is no joke, friends! I had no clue until I had to suffer through it. 

But here I am, stronger and more determined than ever, and with LOTS of new ideas for the future! Wooo! 


Be proud of how hard you are working

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash


This year was HARD.

Besides the colon perforation surgery and recovery, I struggled a lot with who I wanted to be as a fiber artist and where I want to take my pretty pink wagon. At this point in my career and with the economy as it is – and the field saturation, to be honest – it’s pretty normal to take a deep dive into the question “Is this the right direction for me?”

In fact, quite a few long time fiber artists and indie dyers quit this year, and that really shook me, because I know that they were viewed as successful… but success is really relative in the fiber world, you know. As for me, I can’t imagine doing anything else than fiber arts and working for myself, but HOW I wanted to approach that in the future was a bit harder to discern.

My guiding phrase has always been WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER and that’s never failed me. I’ve known for a while that I didn’t want to do anything that requires me to repeat myself – colorways, multiple skeins of the same yarn, duplicate weavings. Nope nope nope. That’s my personal preference, and it’s not going to change, so I needed to look into ways to make that possible. However, I love teaching and mentoring folks – so I went down that path by taking two important steps:

#1: I started doing more instructional, conversational videos and Facebook Live sessions.
#2: I added a lot more teaching gigs in more subjects to my schedule.


Coffee cup that says Be Strong

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash


“But did you die?” 


Nope. Not this time!
However, going into the hospital right as everything started really taking off? That was a bummer. But I know it was working! And that also gave me a chance to think about what else I could add to the mix. Like… a Patreon!

The Patreon has some cool offerings on it, from first and private views of videos, a fiber or handspun yarn club option, or two different ways to get fiber biz mentoring from me – either through my regular posts on the subject or through direct coaching. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Direct access! Pick my brain!

I’ve also started creating printables – these are PDFs designed to be printed out and filled out by you, and they will range from pages to help you organize your spinning and creative paths to organizing your whole life. In fact, over on my other website xiane.org I already have my first printable planner available: Your Magickal Life Planner.


Your Magicjkal Life Planner


I’m going to be going through some of these pages this week and talking about how I’ll be setting up my year to come by using this binder full of awesome organization! If you pick up a copy of the planner before then you’ll automatically get an invite to the video, either live or the recording depending on when you get yours.

I’ll also talk about how to choose your own Word of the Year and a mantra to keep you focused, and much more!



That’s my big directive now – what you put energy and attention into, grows. When I take the time to get myself organized and focused as the year turns over, I succeed. When I pay attention to what works and doesn’t for me, I get more efficient and creative. It’s a win-win, y’all.


intuition card

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash


So keep an eye out for the new printables to come, and never fear – I’ll still be making yarn and fiber and weavings and jewelry and other goodies – in fact, I recently listed some new yarns that you can find in the shop right now!


How do you prepare for the New Year? I’d love to hear all about your rituals!

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