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Circles and Cycles

circles and cycles

Can you believe that it’s almost MAY? Spring is finally doing the spring-thing, and I’m so grateful, because this is my second favorite part of the cycle of the seasons. (first part? Autumn, of course!)

Currently, I’m typing this on a portable keyboard and my trusty tablet, in one of my favorite coffeeshops in DC, Tynan. I like Tynan for a bunch of reasons – POC owned and managed, great music and atmosphere, and superb location next to the Columbia Heights Metro.

Oh, and besides the terrific coffee they serve (the Nitro cold brew is the bomb), they have big front windows where I can watch the weather and see people streaming by. Perfect for writing, planning, and waiting for the boyfriend to meet me so that we can embark on our weekly DC adventures. It can be difficult dating someone who lives in the next city over, but the advantages are pretty sweet, too. I use travel time for planning and plotting for business and life, to great effect! It’s an important part of the cycle of my week.


fibery goodness AIR earth element

My cycle this year has been all about balance. One of the lessons I’ve learned very well is that I need strong organization in order to keep my balance in all the projects I am handling. I have taken great strides to manage my time and energy better, and I really think that I’m seeing the results this year.

One of the things I am most proud of achieving so far is my first finished project in the FiberyGoodness Artist In Residence program: my interpretation of the Earth Element through fiber arts. I am moving through the circle, the cycle of the wheel, the elements that comprise everything… and I am doing my best to portray what those elements mean to me in a visual and textural way.

I invite you to please take a stroll over to the FiberyGoodness webpage to see the results of my first work, and leave some comments if you will! I would like to get some folks together online to try their hand at a fibery vessel in a group, so definitely post there in the comments if this appeals to you!




The end of April means that I’m getting ready for MDSW.

I start to get goofy toward the end of my big making cycles – hence this silly little carding video I made to share with you! I like how it sorta echos the theme here – cycles, circling around, and the things created in those cycles.

The battlets in process there are part of a custom order (yes, I sometimes do those!) for a colorway that I call “Box of Crayons.” I don’t usually make them for big shows, as they are hugely labor-intensive, but they got me amped up to make a bunch of battlet sets to sell at MDSW. I hope to have many packs for my spinning friends!




I really love making these almost as I love spinning them! They are like sweet little fiber snacks for your spindle or wheel, easy to mix and match.

I am also planning something special and GLITTERY especially for MDSW! If you like using Angelina in your fiber work and you love unicorns and rainbows, I think you need to stop by and see what I’ll have for you. I don’t want to say much more until I have photos, but you have been warned: GLITTERY RAINBOWS FOR DAYS.



Of course there’s been spinning happening (more circles and cycles), as well as some tiny tapestry and circle weaving. (check the earthy one in progress in the main image for this post, I’m finally almost finished it!)


So what have you been working on lately, my friends? What makes you happiest about Spring? Will you be at MD Sheep and Wool? (by the way, you can find me in the same place as always, happily assisting Melissa at the Wild Hare Fiber Studio booth in the Exhibition Hall!)

I hope to see you there!

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