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Welcome 2017: Purposeful


Goodbye, 2016. You brought some trial and tribulations and some big losses, especially some of our beloved icons, the people who have generously inspired us. You confused and confuzzled us, and then to really make it weird, you brought some wonderful things, too.

Some people think that in business, you shouldn’t share your personal life with your patrons. That it blurs the lines too much, it confuses the people who are only interested in your products. Me? I’ve never been that person. I share who I am with you because I feel that our personal connection only strengthens my “brand” – I know so much about your lives and loves, and I love it. I feel that we are connected in the best of ways, and that makes a difference when you see what I am creating, and why I am creating it. When you buy something from me, you are buying a piece of my heart along with my art. I made it for you.

So in that philosophy, I like showing you behind the scenes and glimpses of my everyday life; I share my processes and successes and failures in blistering honesty, because that connects us as humans – which is the most important part of all this for me. I love our connection.

And, going into 2017 while recovering from a very bad ankle sprain that pretty much ruined my December schedule – did you know that most retail businesses make the majority of their money for the year during the Holiday season? – I have taken this time to reframe my business and how I approach it, and make my goals for 2017 solid and well-thought-out. So… there’s that. Always take the setbacks and make them into positives, that’s how I try to do it. And that leads me to my Word of the Year for 2017…



PURPOSEFUL is a mantra, a direction, a focus, a declaration. I will approach everything with purpose, and knowing what my aim is in that approach. I am ready to hone in on what I need and where I am going and how I will get there.

I’ll be honest: December was hard. I hate getting injured, and feeling helpless is so anathema to who I am that it was a chore to bear. I was so sad to miss seeing everyone at my scheduled craft shows and appearances for the Holidays. I didn’t even get to see my wonderful boyfriend for his birthday, Christmas, my birthday, New Years Eve… I’ve been here in the house, for the most part, excepting some local errands that were mostly about me trying to strengthen up my ankle and keep from going stir crazy! 😉

But we’re in January now. And I have plenty to be grateful for: I didn’t break my leg, I am healing quickly, it could have been so much worse. I have my mom helping me, and friends who offer mental support and cheer. I’m alive and strong and endlessly crafty and clever and those things all count. How lucky we are to be alive right now, I tell myself. [well, I sing it, Hamilton-obsessed as I am!]

So for 2017? Look for more things in my Arcanity line, beyond beautiful yarn+crystal necklaces. I’ve got weavings, handspun and crocheted hanging podlets with air plants to come soon, plus scarves and other wearables with crystals and beads and textured yarns… I have classes planned, maybe a workshop if we can get crazy and make that happen. I have PLANS, y’all. Wanna come along on adventures with me?

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  • Reply
    January 2, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    I love your sharing of your thoughts and ups and downs. We all have them so we are connected. Yes hoping that 2017 brings new adventures and lots of success

    • Reply
      Xiane K
      January 2, 2017 at 7:25 pm

      Beverly, thank you so, so much for the kind wishes and for reading my personal rambles along with my fibery adventures. Here’s to 2017 being excellent to us!

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