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“I’m a huge fan of Christiane‘s work – everything amazes me, from her color aesthetic and beautiful craftsmanship to her undying love of fiber and support for the fiber community. She has an uncanny knack of blending textures and balancing color palettes in just the right mix. Her fiber is bright, bold, and fun, just like her personality.  I can’t say enough about Three Ravens! ”

– Elyse/222 Handspun

I was a vendor beside you at a Chattanooga craft show three years ago, and in that short time your friendliness and beautiful yarn inspired me to teach myself to knit, as well as stick with my own small business. I think you are great!”

– Jessie H.

“Christiane, I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You”. As a fairly new person to the fiber arts, I’m always thirsting for knowledge and inspiration. You’ve given me plenty of both. Your willingness to tirelessly answer questions means the world. In what can sometimes be a competitive venue you never let “competition” stand in the way of helping with pricing, selling and all areas of this great community. If it’s true that it is in giving we receive (and I believe it is) then I hope you receive back all that you want for yourself because you give more than most and more than any of us should expect. Thanks for teaching me the rules and then giving the encouragement to break them at times!! When people say to me “wow, I love your work, you’re so talented” I always let them know that it’s because I have lots of support, great teachers and mentors. Thanks for being one of the best of them!!”

– George C.

Xiane’s work is superb. I’ve purchased batts and handspun yarn from her in the past, each time asking for something weird and undefined. Like: “hey, Xiane, make me batts that look like a box of crayons”, and oh holy crap, does she! She can take an idea, concept, song, or band (read: Oingo Boingo) and produce brilliant, soft, gorgeous pieces that are the envy of one’s knitting group. I feel so lucky to have discovered her shop because I know I can go there when I’m short on inspiration or fiber or both.

-Adrian, KnittinK

My interactions with Three Ravens have never been less than exceptional. I have had many custom yarns spun, and they have never failed to take my breath away. Xiane does what she does out of a passion and genuine love of fiber and yarn, and it shows in everything she creates… just as it shows in what you create with it. Each batt is magical, each yarn a work of thought and care.

– Brandon T., happy customer

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