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The Merits of Doing It Differently

Hello, my Fiber Rebels! You may be wondering where I’ve been lately – then again, it is the Holiday season, so you may not even have noticed I’ve been quiet over here! Here’s the scoop: I took an unofficial break from doing anything fiber related, other than occasionally working on the big weaving pictured above. Have you ever had one of those moments of reckoning where you know if you don’t walk away from something you love, you might lose…

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Spin Together is coming!

It’s that time again! Spin Together is a week-long spinning competition taking place in October of 2020. It is a joy-filled event full of spinning and camaraderie. Together, we try to spin as much yarn as possible during that week! There are also prizes for categories like wildest yarn and most beautiful yarn. I am one of the organizers for the event, and I am SO excited to participate this year! Last year I fell ill right as Spin Together…

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Your Most Precious Resource

A lot of small business culture right now, especially but not limited to online businesses and gig economy, is built on the idea that you have to work endlessly - grind - in order to succeed. This is absolutely not true, and it is a really toxic mindset to fall into! Why am I bringing this up on a website about fiber artistry? Because as a small businessperson and an artist, this mindset is pervasive and I've fallen for it…

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Threeravens.net is getting an overhaul

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be working on the website for the next couple of days, so expect some bobbles while things change. When I’m finished, there should be a lot more cohesion and organization, with neater categories and menus. That means you should be able to find things with a lot less effort if I do my job right! Everything should be accessible during this construction, including the shop section. If there’s any issues, please…

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