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Hangin’ on the Telephone [Communication and Clarity]




This is the second post and my attempt to answer the third question prompt in the #YourTurnChallenge  [days one and two were compressed into one post.]

The question for today is a tough one, in some ways: Day 3: Tell us about something that you think should be improved.

Communication, baby. All aspects of communication.

How do you usually keep in touch with your people? Think about your friends, your family, your customers, the people you buy from… what’s your preferred method of staying in contact, asking questions, getting confirmation? More importantly, how do those communications make you FEEL?

Do you feel heard, respected, supported? Do you feel like you’re talking but no one’s listening?

What are you doing to improve that communication? Are you being clear about what your needs are? Are you waiting to hear what the person you’re talking to is saying to you, as well? So often, more than not, people only are waiting for their turn to talk in a conversation. Talking needs to be a two way street. An unobstructed street, where both vehicles of thought can maneuver easily and with clear paths. [is this metaphor totally worn out yet?]

As a business owner, it’s my job to listen carefully to my customer. As an artist, it’s part of my job to take into advisement what my patrons are looking for. And it’s the job of my customers, my patrons, to communicate what they’re looking for from me. When those lines are clear, we can make beautiful things happen. Or at least we can determine quickly if we are the right people for each other!

When communication is murky, that’s when it’s harder to know if the relationship is the right one. One of my jobs is to explain carefully what I do, what something is made of and what to do with it. That’s part of my clearing the road for you – then it’s your job to know what it is that you’re looking for and if we might fit that bill. When we come together and are in agreement, it’s magic!

So… how can communication be improved? We must speak clearly to each other. We much understand what we need and want… but most importantly, we must listen to what the other party wants. That’s the first, most important step.

LISTEN. That’s the key to clear communication.

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