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Behind The Scenes: spinsters!

If there’s one thing I love best about my job, it’s teaching other people how to do it.

Teaching people how to use a spindle or a wheel, then helping them refine and expand their skills… that’s my dream job, and luckily it’s part of what I do! If I could spend more time teaching all the aspects of fiber arts, maybe mixed in with how to be more effective at selling what you make and creating community, that would be the most perfect mix of things I could do with my time. Well, and making my own art in there, too.

I teach classes both in small groups and one-on-one. I generally prefer the smallest number of people in a class when it comes to teaching beginner skills, in part because I can really focus my attention on the student and give the best support and advice. For classes with more advanced students, it’s really fun to have more people in the group, so we can trade discoveries and feed off each other’s excited energy.


When I teach a spinning class, it’s important to me that the students leave feeling confident, but more important than that – I want them to have had fun. This fiber thing? It’s all about joy for me… the exploration of new techniques and fibers, the excitement of feeling your hands learning how to shape the form you’re trying to make your wool or other fibers take – these make me deliriously happy. If I can help my students achieve those results, then I am successful.


Ahhhh, happiness.  ❤️ Congrats to Samantha, a brand new spinner!


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