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Xiane Loves: May 2017

Hello, my lovely fiber folk! I know that May is just about over, but it’s still not too late to get an update in of all the things I’ve been loving lately, right? RIGHT! [imagine me jumping in the air with my pink and silver pom-poms]

I have been super-duper busy with lots of neato things in the works happening, as well as the ever-shifting and progressing flow of my personal life – expect a big Behind The Scenes update on all that shortly. You will like the stuff coming down the pike, let me tell you!




This is pretty momentous: I GOT NEW GLASSES! Freakin’ finally, lemme tell you… you don’t want to know how long it’s been, seriously. These are a big deal change too, because not only is the style totally different, but these are >gasp< progressives. I was really worried about the change, but I have to say that it’s really been no big deal to adapt to them, and it’s a joy to see up closer without having to peer over my frames. I’m glad to say that my base prescription didn’t change too much, but the whole effect is like having all-new eyes again. It’s great.

And luckily, this comes right as I’ve been working away on some serious knitting, y’all.



I got started about two weeks ago [maybe three!] on Casapinka’s One & Done shawl, using a fantastic speckled yarn  in the Graffiti colorway from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. I like working on this shawl because the repeats are easy and the pattern really shows off this colorway… there’s a bunch of stitch dropping to come that opens up the shawl in a really fun way, and I’m looking forward to that!

I have been having fun taking photos of my project in progress, too. You can see that I paired it up with a tarot pull and one of my newest Arcanity necklaces, so new that I don’t have it on the website yet! I just arranged a space for myself where I can take photos inside, instead of always having to rely on good sunlight on the patio, and it’s such a joy. Expect more photos from there to come, though of course I’ll always have photos with the succulent garden too, as I love those little green guys!




So I hafta tell you, I can’t say enough good things about my Wild Sisterhood community. I joined up after reading the Wild Sister online magazine for ages, and wanting so much to go the extra mile and be a part of the community, but second guessing the expense. Do you do that too, deny yourself the things you really want and maybe even think would be super good for you, because of money concerns? It’s a big problem for me, in part because of being a “starving artist” and in part because of my own issues with a form of poverty mindset that delights in sabotaging my forward movement. [I’ll be blogging about that in the future, if you’re interested in how I tackle that!]

I finally gave in to allowing myself to have this supportive community in my life in January, when I had a huge mental turn-around about so many things in my life, thanks to breaking my leg and being laid up for weeks during the busy season. [Ten second recap for the new folks: fell down some stairs in the beginning of Dec ’16, lost all of my Holiday income because I couldn’t work, had a gigantic reckoning with the Universe and my place in it as an artist, entrepreneur, and human.]

My whole mental outlook has shifted, and in great part it’s been because of joining the Wild Sisterhood. Both the online private community and the big package of classes and other reading material have been key – I like that it focuses on me as a whole package, from mental health and attitude to spirituality to my business. And that’s actually why I’m mentioning this now, because a new package for business owners is getting ready to be released, and I am VERY excited about it. Throughout the month of June, there will be classes and challenges and support for your business, and the 24-hour access to the Wild Biz course through the Wild Sisterhood portal. It’s very exciting!



I’d love to see you join the group – it really represents how I approach my business and life, and the support has been amazing. Just the e-courses themselves have been worth it!



Can I just say that this would make the BEST display/holder for all your Arcanity necklaces? Here’s the link for it: http://shrsl.com/?i71r

And while I’m styling you, take a look at this:

With this unpredictable weather we’ve been having, carrying a piece that works as both a stylish parasol AND umbrella is key! I get questions all the time about how I keep my skin so pale – and for pasty people like me, it also keeps me looking younger, la la la… I love a parasol, but mine is lace so it’s for the sun only. I need this!



I get SO many questions about my succulent garden – how to care for them, how to propagate them, which ones are the best for specific areas or containers – so imagine my delight to spy this class from Craftsy that explains everything about making succulent vertical gardens and wreath displays, caring for your plants, and propagating succulents successfully. It’s all here for you to finally have the succulent garden of your dreams!
Craftsy has a ton of other gardening classes, too – so if you’ve been struggling with container gardening or want to learn all about bonsai, you are so set.


The artistic geniuses of FiberyGoodness have done it again! Just debuted: an online class alllll about creating perfect, beautiful bulky yarns – something that is often difficult to achieve once a spinner manages to master the thin, perfectly balanced two ply that so many spinners dream about. Bulky yarns are so useful and a delight to work with for quick, larger projects – especially when they are as smooth and as balanced as that coveted fingering weight two-ply!

Let Suzy teach you how to choose the right fiber, prep, and techniques to create bulky yarns that are astonishingly lovely and a joy to work with. Because this course is self-paced, you can repeat a lesson until you feel comfortable, or speed through it and then turn around and take it again when you need a refresher. I love that!


Here’s the link – tell ’em Xiane sent you! http://fiberygoodness.com/beautiful-bulkies/




In Bound By A Thread news, the mailing list has grown substantially – HI to those who have already signed up! – and I will have a new mini-class activity for everyone in June that uses tarot or oracle cards as part of a meditation process and a guide for creative paths. There’s some other goodies to go along with that which will give you a whole immersive experience, so much fun! I am really loving the exploration of thoughtful, spiritual practices that I pair with my creative expression to build a calming space that supports artistic endeavors and helps to banish stress and anxiety.

I have a variety of things happening this Summer that I am so, so excited to share with you – though at least one I need to keep secret for just a little while longer, even though I’m bursting to tell you. [sorry!] But I like the suspense, so… 😉

Things I can tell you: I am going to be making some lecturing and teaching appearances in new and different places over the Summer! Details are being hammered out now, but look for some speaking on my artistic process of making my Arcanity line, as well as some new chances to learn spindle or wheel spinning with me.

I will also be talking [even more!] about how I use herbalism, essential oils, meditation, and yoga as part of my process of self-care and creative growth. Look for some new events coming down the pike.

AND! I finally have that photography area set up, as I mentioned above – and that means that I will be able to start having Facebook Live broadcasts, live YouTube presentations, and more instructional videos available! I need YOU to tell me what you’d like me to chat about with the world: if you could comment here or on my Facebook post about what you’d like to know more about, that would help us both!

Also, if you’re not one of the folks who have given my page a like on Facebook, you might miss out on some of these things as they happen. I do my best to let everyone know what I’m up to, but Facebook is where everything gets posted… so if you could pop over there and give my page a like, that would help SO much! You can either click from the sidebar, or here: https://www.facebook.com/threeravens.net/


So there we have it, our May roundup… finally… heh. As you know, I rely on your feedback to know if you are actually reading this and enjoying it, or if there’s something you’ve got going on that I should be talking about, or something you really want to hear my two cents on – so please, do leave a comment here or on the Facebook post saying hello and offering your opinions! It is SO appreciated. <3





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