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Behind The Scenes – Too Hot For April

bts too hot april



You know what’s great about being back to working from home? OMG I CAN GARDEN ANYTIME I WANT.

…granted, that isn’t going to happen between the hours of 12 – 4 pm. Too hot. Especially THIS crazy April, where today’s high was over 80F! So gardening has been happening in the morning or evening, and probably will push back to the furthest extremes of those if it continues to be unreasonably hot into the Summer. The flowers have already been asking for two waterings a day!

I have seeds sown in the trug and in all the buckets that survived over the Winter  – we lost a couple of buckets thanks to extreme temp fluxuations, since I left them out to overwinter. Probably sloppy on my part, but I’m a lazy gardener, what can I say?

garden 2015


So far, I’ve got seeded: tomatoes [three kinds], carrots, broccoli, scallions, radishes [two kinds], lettuce [two kinds], mesclun mix, parsley, marigolds. I have planted: basil, savory, oregano, marjoram, plus pansies, violas, dianthus, plus a bunch of other annuals and houseplants. The strawberry pot is full of sedum and succulents. It’s all green and flowery and lovely on the patio and in the side yard.

I am so happy to grow things. It nurtures me, too.

Another thing I’ve been up to this week is cranking out batts, both for spinning and for selling at MDSW. I also had a meetup with my local spinning buddies, and I spun one of my batts there [shown in photo below, a corespun beauty] and I got to see a Little Meggie kick spindle in person for the first time. SO cute! I didn’t try it out, but I loved the way it is constructed.

I’ve been stacking up batts in a big pile, in preparation for tagging and bagging. There’s some surprises carded into these guys!


spinning and carding april 15


You’ll notice that I brought out Genevieve the Ashford Kiwi wheel for my spin date – I thought she needed to go through her paces. Everyone loves her purple wheel!

It’s been a great week! I hope yours has been just as wonderful!

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