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small business everyday

Patrons: We are nothing without you.


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your business and support over this year and all the years before.

You are the driving force behind what I do. Every blog post, every class taught, every colorway carefully developed and carded up… each necklace, plant pod, wee weaving, scarf, lamp was made with you in mind. I try to return your support with helpful tips, insight into my creative practice, and occasional videos and demonstrations that share my skills with the world.



It’s a reality for those who sell their wares: the weekend after Thanksgiving is our big deal time, the time where most retail businesses make the most amount of money for the year, at least in theory. It’s harder when you’re an online-based, movable biz that sells things that many people consider to be a luxury. To me, the arts and crafts are a necessity, something that makes the hard parts of life more bearable. Not everyone agrees with me.

Thank you for agreeing with me, my friends.


This year, things were a little… tight.

All of 2018 has been, well, weird.

I’m not going to do a yearly wrap-up post yet, but if you read regularly, you know that I’ve been talking a lot about struggle, finding balance, and using my creativity. That’s because those are all topics very much at the forefront of my business and personal life this year, and I always am honest with you about how these things go for me and affect what I do. I think that transparency is really important, and I know that many of you appreciate it, because you’ve told me so. [thank you!]

Honesty and creativity are my most treasured possessions, and I share them freely. Luckily for me, they cost me nothing! And that’s a bonus when sales have been slow, because I always have something to offer. But let’s be real here – they don’t exactly pay the bills. I’m managing, but it ain’t pretty! This big deal weekend for 2018 wasn’t nearly as salesy as I would have liked, and I know plenty of other small businesses who say the same.

Can you help? Are you still shopping for Holiday gifts? Would you take some time to check out some of the other small businesses I’ll be highlighting during the holiday season, and see if what they offer will fit the bill for gifting to your family, friends, loved ones? I know the call to BUY BUY BUY gets freakin’ incessant during the holidays, and I get sick of it, too. I hate even being a part of it. But see… the small folks like us, we get shouted over SO MUCH by the big guys with the big bucks for advertising and shiny copy and bare bottom prices that get written off on taxes.


small business everyday


I will be making a series of posts that feature small businesses that I know and love, and they’re not all going to be fiber-related, but they all offer amazing, hand crafted wares and they’re all run by wonderful people who will appreciate your patronage more than you’ll ever know. I’ll also share links over on Facebook. Please keep your eyes open for them and if you will, take some time to shop and enjoy what they have to offer. You really do make a difference with your dollars – and if you can’t use any of my suggestions, might you take a moment and share my posts with those who might?

You really are the best. 

Before I go, let me throw a couple of reminders out there about what goes on in Three Ravens news – this Sunday, you can find me vending in wonderful company at Merry Mart in Baltimore, MD. Held by the Creative Alliance, it is an afternoon of some of the best shopping with talented artisans! This is my first appearance there, and I am SO excited to be a part of this event.


Merry Mart 2018

Happening at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson, 3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21224


Also, if you missed it, I brought back my Art Yarn Party and Amazing Fiber Party clubs! I had some folks ask about them, and of course they’re one of my favorite things to create for party members, so how could I say no? Please consider them as a gift for yourself or an adventurous fibery friend for the holidays?



Thank you for reading, for your support, and for sharing this journey with me.


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