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All That Matters

All That Matters (yarn and text)

All That Matters (yarn and text)


“All that matters is for us to see this through” – Árstíðir, Passion.*

Hi there. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it.

So if you’ve been following along with me this Autumn, you know that I had a major health setback at the end of August. [quickest recap ever: intestinal perforation, resection surgery, in the hospital for 12 days, laid up for many more.] I’m still dealing with the wounds that got left behind after the infection, now mostly at home and on my own – which has been a learning process for sure! It also takes up a bit of time before I can go anywhere. At least I can go places now, though!
I’m still dealing with the loss of income over the time of my illness and current and future bills –  and though I hate asking, if you’re inclined to help, the GoFundMe is still active. Your help would be gratefully accepted.  <3

I am able to lift some weight now, although I still have to be careful and I’m still not going to the gym, booooo. I am not quite up to dyeing yet, or teaching classes, but I have been spinning yarn again finally – see the pic above to see my current line of production! These should be available to purchase as soon as I get some light to take photos. It’s been rather dark and rainy here lately.

Being able to spin again has been a relief. For a while I just wasn’t inspired to create much of anything. I was tired all the time and I felt drained.

Aura yarn and fiber


I had some batts left over from before my illness so I took some time to enjoy spinning my own fiber, which doesn’t always get to happen. Some of this fiber also went into one of my signature chunky corespun-then-chain-plied yarns, as well. Pics soon! They are delightful!


So what’s coming up?

I’m so glad you asked! I have some fun things in the works, now that I’m starting to come back to life. For one, more videos! I miss making them and I have some ideas for the future. I’m working on a life planner that you can buy, download, and print out as much as you like. [I use these religiously] I’m also going to do some chatting about how I keep organized and how I can help you get and stay organized. More yarn will be on the way, some tiny tapestries, and some fiber batts. More jewelry. More goodies.

The Return of Community Thursday!

I’d LOVE it if you told me what you’d like to see! Also, in the spirit of giving that the month of December brings, I want to bring back sharing links to things that I love – so here’s a few to keep you inspired!

Here’s two great links from the Craft Industry Alliance:

What It’s Like to Be an Artist-In-Residence: My Experience at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

What It’s Like to Be an Artist-In-Residence: My Experience at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Photo: Tricia Royal


This is a really great article explaining the process and experience of being an Artist In residence at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles from Tricia Royal. She talks about what it was like to apply as well as what she’s found challenging and rewarding from her time as at the museum. Maybe it will inspire you to try for a residency?


Craft Industry Alliance Podcast #158: Felicia Lo


CIA Podcast 158 Felicia Lo


On the latest episode of Craft Industry Alliance podcast, they talk about building a fiber business with Felicia Lo.

Felicia is a designer and entrepreneur, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her lifelong passion for knitting, color, and design led her to start the sweetgeorgia blog in 2004. A year later, SweetGeorgia was founded at her dining room table with nothing more than three skeins of sock yarn for sale on Etsy. Since then, SweetGeorgia has become a way of life where work and play are inseparable.

You could learn a lot from this episode!



From Spin Off Magazine:

Unboxing The Electric Eel Nano


Photo: Spin Off

Photo: Spin Off


Anne Merrow shares her unboxing experience and her first impressions of the Electric Eel Nano, an affordable electric spinning wheel that was first funded via Kickstarter but has now started to take off in the spinning community. I’ve seen one of these in person and spun on it a little and it’s a fun little tool and great entry into the portable world of electric wheels.



From Stacey Budge-Kamison/UrbanGypZ:

My Fiber Art Journal


Photo: UrbanGypZ

Photo: UrbanGypZ


Stacey shares how her art journal helped her translate drawings on paper into pieces of art hanging in a gallery. She’s always so inspirational! Watch the video and then if you’re not on her mailing list and in her Facebook group, I definitely suggest that you sign up.



Crochet Tutorial: Expanding Spiral


Photo: Susan Lombardo

Photo: Susan Lombardo


I thought I would add something fun to try if you haven’t before – hyperbolic crochet! I rekindled a love for crochet when I contributed to a coral reef installation and got a kit to make a small hyperbolic piece of my own. I LOVED doing this and I’ve been back to crocheting ever since. This is an easy and fun thing to make and play with!
This tutorial is simple to follow and Susan gives you many photos and fun suggestions for inspiration.



Thank you SO much for reading! Hopefully I’ll have another update soon.
*Here’s the video for Passion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae4ggiCYZmA

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