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My Life as a Sloth

Sometimes, life makes you slow down. Even when you don’t want or need to slow down.

In my case, life stepped up to wrench my back. Yay?


...this is what keeps me sane. And you can even buy a little chunk of my sanity! ;)

…this is what keeps me sane. And you can even buy a little chunk of my sanity! 😉


I had a fantastic time at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival! But somewhere along the way – travelling there or while I was there or travelling back, I lifted or twisted or did the cha-cha incorrectly – and now I’m paying for that mistake with excruciating back pain. This is not the norm for me, I’m usually ridiculously strong and capable, but evidently my luck has been pushed in this department. Ha!

This has been a source of life lessons for me, y’all. For one, don’t take your health or strength for granted. I am grateful that this will pass, that time and taking it easy – even though this is terrible timing for taking it easy, as we’re moving into my busy season – will heal my back and I should be back to normal. And this is a precursor to potential issues for the future, as I’m not getting any younger. So I know now to start contingency plans for things like this.

What I do requires heavy lifting. And standing bent over pots and carders. And crouching, holding my arms or hands at specific positions for long periods of time. It’s part of why I started expanding my horizons with Arcanity – I am working with things that I love to create beautiful pieces, in a way that is lower impact on my health and body and also serves to use more of my talents and fuel my creative soul. I am forging new paths that use my talents and art to my best interest – and I can’t wait to explore, and to take you with me!



I’ve got some events coming up this month – maybe I’ll see you at the Baltimore Farmers Market on October 16th or SAFF in Asheville on Halloween weekend? [I’ll be in the Wild Hare Fiber booth again, because Melissa is AWESOME like that!] Comment and let me know if I’ll see you!


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