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Introducing Arcanity: fiber + crystals + herbs + wood + metal



I have had a long love for creating, fiber arts, and the natural world. I also love the juxtaposition of nature in unexpected urban environments – taking back her own, forcing both to live in tandem, creating a new sort of force and majesty in the world while doing so.

This new work of mine reflects these things, drawing on my previous backgrounds in jewelry making and the herbal arts and combining them with my current work in the world of fiber arts. Look for strange, inspiring, compelling partnerships between all of these things and more: wool and other fibers, crystals, wood, metal, herbs, oils, salts.

Arcanity Collage

I am introducing the Arcanity line today with wearables – light and textural combinations of crystal and hand spun yarns. More will be introduced in the coming days, but I just couldn’t wait to release these into the world!

Coming soon: woven pieces – wall hangings and accessories. Natural apothecary items hand blended from organic oils and herbs. Housewares that combine hand spun yarn and wood. More.

Sylvan. Urban. Arcane.


I invite you to explore the new line.



Art by http://anjelakbm.deviantart.com/

Art by http://anjelakbm.deviantart.com/

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