2019 a boon

On to 2019: a boon, a blessing, a kindness

Boon: A good thing; a blessing or benefit; a thing to be thankful for. Kind; bountiful; benign. [also the woody portion of flax, interestingly and appropriately enough] I think most everyone I know feels about the same when it comes to 2018 – it’s been a weird, confusing, often stressful year with some bizarre twists and […]

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I made a video! Watch me babble about bead spindles!

So I did this thing… I’ve been making bead spindles for a while now. Bead spindles are a wonderfully stripped-down, primitive style sort of spinning device that at the most basic, consists of a stick and a weight. Mine are made from hand-shaped wooden shafts with fancy beads as the whorl/weight. They are simple, elegant, […]

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