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Serving Your Higher Self: Boundaries

This is a follow-up chat from the last video and chat about serving Your Higher Self, where I talked about how denying yourself the things you need and want to make your life better is failing to serve and support your Higher Self [the ideal YOU, you at your best, in your fullest power].

This time around, I’m talking about:

  • How I followed through with the things I talked about in the first video – I got new glasses, I got a fancy toothbrush. I did the work to support myself and my tangible needs.
  • Identifying and reclaiming the intangibles – needs that you may have been putting off, and being honest about them. Some of mine are boundaries, alone time, and space to create without interruption.
  • Reinforcing those needs as an act of honoring and supporting your Higher Self.
  • Identifying that you need to take care of yourself in order to help others. [I’m stressing this from the last video!]
  • Explaining that you can be flexible in how you make this work. This might be especially helpful to think about in this time of pandemic.

What are the ephemeral but necessary things that you need in order to honor and support your Higher Self? I’d love to talk more about that in the comments!

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