Here’s an ongoing collection of links to things I think might be helpful or inspirational for my weaving friends, especially those using small lap or frame looms, tapestry looms, or rigid heddle looms in creative ways. You’ll find instructional help, various techniques and styles, and inspirational links all included here.

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Highly Recommended

The Weaving Loom – covers a wide variety of topics from basics to a variety of techniques. This is a go-to site for me, I love Kate’s photos and explanations!

Weavolution – an online community for weavers

Hello Hydrangea Tutorials


The Basics

Which Loom Should I Buy?

8 Weaving Tools And Supplies Every Weaver Should Own

Weave Thieve: How to Make a DIY Weaving Loom for Less Than $20



What is Roving?

Weaving Landscapes Or Just Curves

Finishing With Hemstitch


Inspired Weaving

Freeform, SAORI-Inspired Weaving On the Cricket Loom

All-In-One-Piece Zipped Cosmetic Bag Project

Ruth’s Weaving Projects

Circular Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

A Cardboard Loom Clothing Pattern