Unicorn Hair Angelina Blend


Take all the brightest and most fun colors, make them sparkly, then blend them with silver and gold… that’s Unicorn Hair!

I take a base of silver and gold Angelina and hand blend in all the brightest colors I have until magic happens. Each batch will vary in the colors included but there’s always a rainbow mix of shades against the metallics. When I say that I blend these by hand, that’s exactly what I mean. The table is a giant sparkling mess when I’m finished! My mess is all for your joyful gain.

A little goes a long way. This is a .25 oz package that will keep things shiny for a long time!

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A custom blend of sparkly Angelina fibers for blending into any sparkly fiber project.

.25 oz per package; every batch will vary but is guaranteed to be filled with magical sparkly goodness!

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Weight .25 oz


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