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There are a variety of accessories that can be added to your SpinOlution wheel to customize your experience and add functionality. Here’s just a few of the items that are available to order through Three Ravens Studio:

The SpinOlution Lazy Kate fits all bobbin sizes except the 64 oz. It can be placed on the floor for easy plying next to all of our wheels, or attached to the MACH III, Echo, and Firefly. Plying with the Kate attached is easiest when bobbins or plying threads are on the outermost rods of the Kate.

We also have a Lazy Kate that attaches exclusively to the Hopper. 

The skein winder can wind both 1 & 2 yard skeins. It can be inserted onto the Monarch, Echo, Firefly, Hopper, and King Bee on any setup 8 oz or larger – just like a bobbin. It cannot be inserted into a 4 oz setup because it is too wide, and it cannot be inserted into the 12 oz setup because it is too long.

The skein winder will lock into place on the 8 oz flyer – as it is the same size as an 8 oz bobbin. Secure it with the magnetic orifice bar on the 8 oz setup, as well as the 16 & 32.

The niddy noddy can wind both 1 & 2 yard skeins. The size is best for unwinding skeins from our 4 oz & 8 oz bobbins. For larger skeins (16 oz & 32 oz bobbins) we recommend the skein winder accessory. Our niddy noddy is portable, with easy carrying handles, and made from baltic birch.

Our bobbins are magnetic, made from birch wood and are shatterproof.
Our orifice bars are also magnetic, and come in hook and tube options (hook is standard on all wheels).
We’ve also got straps and wheels for the MACH series for added portability.

I do not have every SpinOlution accessory available to purchase listed on this page! If you don’t see it but want it, please contact me and I will set up a special invoice just for you.

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Full details of each accessory offered can be found on the official SpinOlution page, but orders are placed here. If you have any questions or need more detailed information, please do email me or call the Studio at 443-991-6007!



Any US accessory-only orders have a flat rate $15.00 shipping, regardless of the quantity or size of the order. International shipping for accessories is a flat rate of $25.
If you order a wheel and want extra bobbins, those will ship free with your wheel!

Need spare parts for repairs, or extra drive bands? Those are available directly through the SpinOlution website.

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12 oz bobbin, 12 oz hook orifice bar, 12 oz tube orifice bar, 16oz bobbin, 16oz hook orifice bar, 16oz tube orifice bar, 32oz bobbin, 32oz hook orifice bar, 32oz tube orifice bar, 4oz bobbin, 4oz hook orifice bar, 4oz tube orifice bar, 64 oz bobbin, 64 oz hook orifice bar, 64 oz tube orifice bar, 8oz bobbin, 8oz hook orifice bar, 8oz tube orifice bar, Hopper Lazy Kate, Niddy Noddy, Skein Winder, Standard Lazy Kate


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