Heart Border Leicester Locks Mix


5.3 Ounces of Deep Reds Border Leicester Wool


A mix of tighter curl and fiber with less curl, in red with touches of darker red. Locally grown. Very, very light VM. This would make an amazing lockspun yarn, using the less curled parts along with the locks. Perfect for spinning directly from the lock or carding first. Also great for needle or wet felting projects. A delight to work with!

Size: 5.3 oz/150 g
Contents: Border Leicester
Care: wool felts, so unless you’re looking to make hand-felted items, wash items in cool water with no agitation, and lay flat to dry.

My fibers have been hand-dyed by myself at Three Ravens Studio in Baltimore with high quality dyes. Although I guarantee colorfastness of all my fibers, please test for dye runoff if mixing bright or highly saturated colors with light ones. [it’s just good practice!]

Colors will vary from monitor to monitor – I took several photos to show some variance in color and lighting.

More goodies plus lots of patterns and information on my website!


PROPS AND LAYOUT NOT INCLUDED. Crystal is Labradorite. Tarot cards from the Ostara Tarot deck.

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This fiber is

  • hand dyed loose Border Leicester locks
  • weight is 5.3 oz / 150 gr


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Weight 5.3 oz


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