Blue Jay Way Falklands Wool Top


4 Ounces of Falklands Wool Combed Top


Soft and fluffy, dyed in luscious shades. Perfect for any type of spinning. Also great for wet or needle felting. 27.0 micron 3-5 inch bulk staple.

Size: 4 oz/113 g braid.

Care: wool felts, so unless you’re looking to make hand-felted items, wash items in cool water with no agitation, and lay flat to dry.

My fiber is hand-dyed by myself at Three Ravens Studio in Baltimore, with high quality dyes. Although I guarantee colorfastness of all my fibers, please test for dye runoff if mixing bright or highly saturated colors with light ones. [it’s just good practice!]

Colors will vary from monitor to monitor – I took several photos to show some variance in color and lighting.

More goodies plus lots of patterns and information on my website!



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This fiber is

  • hand dyed Falklands wool
  • weight is 4 oz / 113 gr
  • blues with blacks/greys


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Weight 4 oz


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