Bound By A Thread


I mentioned in a community conversation that I’ve been exploring the connection with using one’s creativity as a form of self-directed therapy and self-soothing for those who deal with depression, stress, and anxiety, and there was much interest in the idea and my thoughts on it. There’s a ton of research out there that backs this concept – working with our hands, making or creating, can very much help us to direct, control, and ease the effects of mood disorders. I am very open about my dealings with depression and anxiety, which can be scary but in the long run has brought me connections with others who have the same challenges, and I’ve been told that my openness has been very helpful.


In that spirit, I have been putting together a program of various techniques and explorations to share with everyone who might be looking for a gentle way to direct these energies in a way that is both useful for self-care and ultimately productive… because one of the things that often suffers when you’re going through an episode is the useful feeling of getting ANYTHING done, and I think some of these techniques will help immensely with that.

Bound By A Thread is open as a community on Facebook, and you can access the group, and get regular updates, tips, ideas, rituals, and more by signing up for the mailing list below:

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I will have an introductory email coming your way within a short time of signing up, but expect some free content like simple creative ideas, some stories from other artisans who have traveled the same path, and suggestions for self-care, as well as the occasional group project which you can opt in to joining. Want a teaser? The first one will be a simple therapeutic ritual for focus and directing energy, Binding Intention.


Binding Intention


I will even be offering some kits and classes for those who want to explore these ideas and efforts further with me. Currently, I have the Binding Intentions ritual available as a kit, and you can find that here:

If this sounds exciting or something you’ve been looking for, I hope that you’ll join me on this journey!


Want to see some of the work we’re doing?

Protection and Boundaries: practical actions and rituals you can take to remove negative energy around you.