growth under the surface

Growth Under The Surface

Imbolc is over for the year but the metaphorical fires ignited during that time are still burning brightly for me. I did some deep soul searching during the beginning of the month, joined a SAL, and had a brainstorming session with a friend and colleague turned accountability partner that I am really thrilled about. 

I’ve been really deep in thought for a lot of my blog posts lately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. That’s because I am in need of big changes in how I do things with Three Ravens. It’s not that I don’t LOVE what I do – but it is always important to reassess a business on a regular basis and be ready to implement the changes that make sense as you go along. This is nothing new for me; I have changed the way I do things here many times in this journey. Every change has been for the best!  […]

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design a class

How I Design A Class

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  HOW I DESIGN A CLASS Want a downloadable copy of this post in note form for you to use? Click here:   Teaching is my bread and butter, and I really, really enjoy doing it. I think it shows! One of the things I hear the most is that I seem really organized, calm, […]

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carding from photos

Creating a Battlet Set, A Live Recording!

  I mentioned recently that I would be starting a regular schedule of Facebook Live videos and I have made good on that with my first hour long instructional video for you! I went on camera with my trusty drum carder, a bunch of fiber, and a photo for inspiration, and I demonstrated how I […]

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get it together 2019

January is for focus, plus a survey!

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Welcome to 2019! How have you started the new year? Over here at the House of Three Ravens, we have been working hard to get some focus, re-organize, simplify, and pass along the things we no longer need or use. It’s been a multi-day labor! Besides the Great Basement Construction of 2018 that I’ve talked […]

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2019 a boon

On to 2019: a boon, a blessing, a kindness

Boon: A good thing; a blessing or benefit; a thing to be thankful for. Kind; bountiful; benign. [also the woody portion of flax, interestingly and appropriately enough] I think most everyone I know feels about the same when it comes to 2018 – it’s been a weird, confusing, often stressful year with some bizarre twists and […]

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gift guide pt two plus self care

Holiday Gift Guide pt 2

This one’s a little different. Because we’re so close to Christmas, I’m going to focus on two things in this post: gifts that can get there in time, and gifts we can give ourselves as self-care during this stressful time. I think they’re both really important, and I want to make sure that while you […]

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