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Let’s Talk Fiber!

I get questions all the time: what’s the difference between top and roving? What does staple length mean, and how does it affect spinning? What about different grades of wool? How can I look at a fleece and know what it will spin up like? I’m going to be covering this and more over on Patreon! Join me there, and you can get all of my videos, photos, and instructional posts at the We’ve Got A Video level. I invite…

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What’s a Fiber Rebel, Anyway?

“Rebel. It’s a term that isn’t for everyone. To some, it sparks that energy of youthful bravado, of trying to figure things out for yourself, of not wanting to be told how to do things or live your life. To others, it seems disrespectful, contentious, undisciplined. DISOBEDIENT, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.” – Me, from my About page. So I get questions, mostly from folks who are unfamiliar with me and my philosophy. One of the questions I get asked…

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The Price Of Anything

Hello fiber rebels. There’s been a lot going on in the world, and with me too – but my eloquence has been at an all-time low lately, and instead of centering myself in things, I’ve been trying to use my energy and what little power I have in the world to turn the focus on the people who need center stage right now. Because Black Lives Matter. And things need to change in order to reflect that. I’m not good…

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Watch the Business Spin + Chat

Here’s the link for today’s Spin + Chat about having a fiber/small business [with some great asides, as well] – I was joined by Sandy Ward, Charan Sachar, and Christopher Fuentez, who had great insight and questions to add to the conversation. I’ve got my notes posted below, that I compiled before I went on air that add some background to the conversation for those who don’t know my history or want to see my ebb-and-flow progress. I also included…

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Here are some good things.

A spinalong, a giveaway, some things to uplift your spirits. So how’s it going, fiber rebels? Hanging in there, I hope? Staying safe and with the most immaculately clean hands? Let me commiserate with you for a moment about the toll that all this hand-washing is taking on our poor spinning/knitting/crocheting/weaving hands. It is the pits. However, I have some solutions for that, plus any doldrums you might be experiencing right now! First up: I’m hosting a virtual spinalong next…

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