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Your Most Precious Resource

A lot of small business culture right now, especially but not limited to online businesses and gig economy, is built on the idea that you have to work endlessly - grind - in order to succeed. This is absolutely not true, and it is a really toxic mindset to fall into! Why am I bringing this up on a website about fiber artistry? Because as a small businessperson and an artist, this mindset is pervasive and I've fallen for it…

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Threeravens.net is getting an overhaul

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be working on the website for the next couple of days, so expect some bobbles while things change. When I’m finished, there should be a lot more cohesion and organization, with neater categories and menus. That means you should be able to find things with a lot less effort if I do my job right! Everything should be accessible during this construction, including the shop section. If there’s any issues, please…

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Photo to Project

photo to project: creating a yarn from a photo inspiration

When I need a fun challenge, I’ll often ask folks who follow my Facebook page for a favorite photo or color combo to use as a guide for inspiration.It’s one of my favorite “party tricks” to do – I often get color and texture prompts that I would never pick on my own! My friend Brandon gave me a photo of a painting by Jay DeFeo, The Jewel. I was PUMPED to try it. The first thing I do when…

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Let’s Talk Fiber!

I get questions all the time: what’s the difference between top and roving? What does staple length mean, and how does it affect spinning? What about different grades of wool? How can I look at a fleece and know what it will spin up like? I’m going to be covering this and more over on Patreon! Join me there, and you can get all of my videos, photos, and instructional posts at the We’ve Got A Video level. I invite…

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What’s a Fiber Rebel, Anyway?

“Rebel. It’s a term that isn’t for everyone. To some, it sparks that energy of youthful bravado, of trying to figure things out for yourself, of not wanting to be told how to do things or live your life. To others, it seems disrespectful, contentious, undisciplined. DISOBEDIENT, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.” – Me, from my About page. So I get questions, mostly from folks who are unfamiliar with me and my philosophy. One of the questions I get asked…

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