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Creating a Battlet Set, A Live Recording!

carding from photos

carding from photos


I mentioned recently that I would be starting a regular schedule of Facebook Live videos and I have made good on that with my first hour long instructional video for you! I went on camera with my trusty drum carder, a bunch of fiber, and a photo for inspiration, and I demonstrated how I use a photo to inspire a carded colorway for spinning or felting.

I’ve got the link to that recording here for you, as well as some before/after photos and the original inspiration photo for you to compare to my finished product. I’m also going to type up my outline for this video so you can see what I had mapped out to discuss. It’s a good glimpse into how I think about this whole process.


Here is the Facebook Live recorded video of me demonstrating how I create battlets [small carded batts] from a photographic inspiration:

Here’s the direct link, as well:

I’ve got some photos for you of the fiber before and after:

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And here’s my outline:

Carding Battlets From Photographic Inspo

[January 15th, 2019]

Objective: Explain and demonstrate my process of using a photograph to create a carded colorway


  1. What are the base tones in the photo?
  2. Where will texture best show and with what fiber choices?


  1. Gather fiber
  2. Weigh
  3. Lay out for carding, with an eye for order to be carded and color agreement


  1. Why I make battlets over larger batts
  2. 1 pass through carder over multiples

a. Color blending
b. Ease of spinning
c. Possibility of additional neps or unwanted texture

3. Order of adding fibers
a. Layer of wool on bottom
b. Silk toward middle; prefer to go over top of drum
c. Texture, neps, sparkle next to last
d. Split batts for multiple passes

Spinning Results: what will this battlet set look like when spun up? What results am I aiming for when I use the yarn in a finished product? These are useful things to keep in mind when blending & choosing color combos.


Tools and Materials List:

Have questions? Please do ask in the comments here or on the video page!

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Thanks for watching!


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