Hello, lovely people! It is a GORGEOUS September day… and I’m inside writing this, what the heck is the matter with me… ha! Seriously, I have been wanting to get a Xiane Loves post up for a bit, but everything in the world has been going on over here, so I’m just now getting to this!

I have here to fortify me some delicious Strawberry Moon herbal tea from Fruits To The Roots brewed up, and a delicious gluten-free pumpkin muffin that my mom – who is a great baker – whipped up to celebrate the arrival of our favorite season, Autumn! It’s pretty much perfection.

September in Maryland is a bit of a tease – everything starts to LOOK like Fall, but often the weather can make you have to wear enough layers to get through the cool mornings, hot afternoons, and back to cool evenings again. I love pulling out some of the thin hoodies and sweaters to wear over tank tops, though – and soon, soon, it will be knitwear weather! YAY!

Want to see all of my September favorite picks? Let’s get started!


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Fall allergy season started in September where I live, and then we get to look forward to Winter’s possible colds, so I plan on making some of this Breathe Easy balm from Hello Glow and having plenty to get me through the season. With eucalyptus, cypress, rosemary, and peppermint oils, this should break through the most congested sinuses!



Ways This Chair Is Political: Grace Chin/Design Sponge
Grace Chin/Design Sponge


Grace Chin and Design Sponge ask the tough question: do artists and designers have an obligation to be political? And my first thought is – is anything we do ever removed from political ramifications? As a fiber artist, I know that my chosen medium comes with ecological and geopolitical concerns and potential statements. Nothing exists in a bubble.

Some artists choose to make those connections loud and clear through choice of subject matter or who they align themselves with as a business or person – activism is big in fiber arts, too, politically or socially. This was a thoughtful piece that highlights the reasons one might or might not speak up, and some guidelines to do so effectively.


Outstanding Images for the Fiber Artist


If you’ve ever tried to take a great photo of your knitting, crochet, weaving, or handspun yarn, you’ll know that it can be so tricky to accurately and effectively capture all those amazing textures and colors. And sometimes you want more than just the basics of what you’re doing – you want a photo that inspires others to try out your craft, buy your wares, or just stop and admire your work. You want to evoke a feeling, a mood.

This course teaches you ALL of that! It goes from the very basics of set-up and getting a technically good image, then moves into staging and lighting, and finally covers the concept of branding yourself and conveying the mood and feel that will define your work! Evanita and Suzy of FiberyGoodness will show you everything you need to create stunning images, with ongoing support as needed. TOTALLY recommended!


Artist In Residence: Exploring Earth


Speaking of FiberyGoodness, as the current Artist In Residence there, I made an update about my journey through exploring the five elements that you might find interesting! I’m currently focusing on Earth, and I talk a bit about thinking through the concept – feelings, correspondences, colors, textures that all are leading to the final object that will represent Earth in my fibery elemental chart.

It is a really fun task for me, and I would love to hear about your thoughts on the process, or even better, have some of you join me on this excursion!


Leveche socks, Corrine Walcher
Leveche socks, Corrine Walcher


The September weather is quickly getting cooler, but maybe not enough for handknit socks… unless they’re light and a little lacy, like these beauties from Corrine Walcher, knit with Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Studio Sock. Knit top down with a girlie flair, these are perfect for brightening any Autumn or Spring outfit!

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Such a fun take on non-binary presentation terms! I would be somewhere between a SwanCrow and a FoxSparrow with a tiny bit of occasional StagPeacock. http://androgyne-enjolras.tumblr.com/post/165474499606/non-binary-presentation-terms

Please, please, please: donate, donate, donate. Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic really need your help, and 90 cents out of every dollar given to the Hispanic Foundation goes to community services. They are doing good work for the community, please help them help others in need! https://hispanicfederation.org/donate

up & coming

Look for some updates and redesign on the website soon – I am trying to get some things tightened and freshened up around here before the BIG Holiday season gets started! I am expecting to be vending in a lot of different shows this season, which I am very excited about! I will definitely be appearing as a vendor at the next For The Greater Goods Market on November 4th; this a Baltimore event curated by B. Willow and hosted by R.House, and looks now to be going monthly! To get more info and mark yourself as “going” please click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1927127367542040/

To keep up on all the things I’m up to and places I’ll be, you can always click on the Events tab above! I also have a Spindle Spinning Workshop coming up in October, hosted by Lovelyarns in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore! Their website has all the info: https://www.lovelyarns.com/classes


I would love to hear about the things YOU have been into lately, dear readers! Please comment below with your current projects, links YOU love, or any comments and feedback you’d like to leave. And as always, thank you so much for reading and for supporting Three Ravens Studio.

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