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Catching Up With Xiane: everything at once!


No, really. Everything, as always, is happening at once. And it is wonderful!

For those who are new here, let me just interject right now and say: yes, I am often this silly and exuberant. I am also full of good energy, support, and neat tricks and tips, so I think [hope!] it all balances out.

For those who have been long time readers, you might be wondering why I am addressing potential new folks, so let me make the first big announcement of this blog post!


I have spoken before about the wonderful Fiberygoodness website and group before – a creative hub formed by renowned fiber artists Suzy Brown [aka WoolWench] and Arlene Thayer [aka The Spin Artiste] that offers community, classes, and challenges to inspire our various fiber pursuits. Suzy and Arlene conceived of an Artist In Residence program that would be hosted by Fiberygoodness, with support of Majacraft products, in order to assist a chosen artist to create a body of work from concept to finished results – and during the course of that, documenting the process so that readers can follow along and perhaps be inspired to try their own hand at some of the concepts or techniques that the artist will be exploring in his or her time in the position.

I am pleased and honored to announce that I am the newest Artist in Residence at Fiberygoodness!

When Arlene and Suzy told me the big news, I must admit that my heart skipped a beat in excitement. I have been mulling over a series of ideas for a while that combine my Urban Mystic explorations and some of my Bound By A Thread work with other fibery arts – it’s where the idea for my Arcanity line came from, and the Binding Intentions meditation. I have had the desire to delve deeper into these paths for quite some time… now I have my motivation to really expound on my work, and take YOU with me!

If you’d like to read more about my proposal and creative map for exploration during my time as Artist In Residence, I invite you to read my introductory post over at Fiberygoodness – and maybe say hi there and tell us what you think of my plans!


I will be posting as many photos and journal entries as possible as I travel my path of magic and fiber. I truly hope that you’ll join me with some of my exploration! I am very lucky to have the support of Suzy and Arlene and the Fiberygoodness community, and I have the big creative shoes of super talented artist Bren Boone, who was the first Artist In Residence, to fill. I am ready to create some magic!

Speaking of Bound By A Thread, I’ve been a little quiet on that front lately but things are starting to get going – if you haven’t signed up for the free newsletter and joined the Facebook group, you really should! There are some big things getting ready to happen there, and I also have the Binding Intentions freebie meditation/manifestation that you get with signing up. You can also purchase a Binding Intention kit if you’d rather use my pretty yarns or you prefer to have everything in your hands, rather than assembling them yourself. [I totally know how THAT is!] The listing says “pre-order” still but they are available to purchase now.  🙂

Order here: https://www.threeravens.net/product/binding-intention-kit-pre-order/



Also, I’ve had a Thunder Moon sale on Arcanity jewelry that was supposed to end this past Sunday, but I’ve decided to extend it through July 23rd, 2017! Discounts will be automatically applied to your order. Help me make room for some new designs!


Also also, if you’re local to the DC area, I would LOVE to meet you on this Thursday, July 20th 2017 – I will be appearing in an Artist’s Meet & Greet at the wonderful bead shop Beadazzled, located on Dupont Circle in DC. Come say hi between 6:30 and 7:30pm and see some of my work in person, too!

1507 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20036



Also Also Also!

I will be teaching a Drop Spindle Workshop at Lovelyarns on Saturday July 22nd! Learn about all the different fibers available to spinners, how to pick a spindle, how to use the spindle to spin a yarn, info about how yarns are constructed and how that can help you pick a project, and more! After the class I’ll stick around to answer in-depth questions and give critiques on how to improve your spinning and use the yarns you make as a newbie and beyond. SO FUN. For more info and to sign up, http://www.lovelyarns.com/classes

And lest I forget, for the spinnners and felters who are already ready to tackle some fabulous fiber, I have a pre-order for a new series of colorways, GALAXIES.


So. Truly, everything at once! I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you! I am happily dizzy with opportunity and so excited that this summer isn’t slow and dull. Let’s make things together, shall we?  <3

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