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Behind The Scenes: Blending

I needed colors that would represent Team Nevermore, my Tour de Fleece team, perfectly.
I wanted something to reference my guy, Mr. E. A. Poe, and his writings.
I wanted colors that would reference specific tales, but also that would work together.



These are the colorways I chose. Note that when I wrote out the pre-buy copy, I didn’t have photos of the colors at all – I relied on describing them in poetic ways to get across. It’s a testimony to those who like what I do that they trust me and my vision and purchased based on that!

Choosing and blending my colors: I wanted three colorways that were distinct but that could be spun or plied together, or spun separately and used in a project together. So I went for one colorway that was white with touches of green, blue, a little gold; one that was all greens, greys, browns, with white, some deep purple; and one that was a variety of purples with some greys, whites, and a little green. You can see where I’m going with this, right?



Each color was blended carefully together, and each batt base was carded twice, then broken into the small amounts that I call battlets. Each order is 2 ounces of these, with a variety of variations of color in each battlet. It’s nice to spin – you can line up your color progression in any way you like. I really like these for spindle spinning, as you have a reasonable amount of blended fiber in your hand at any given time.


So here you have it! My small glimpse into how I coordinate a release of battlets for an event, based on a theme. I’d love to answer any questions that you have on my process, and if there’s interest in videos or intensive posts on my creative process, let me know!


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