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Urban Mystics… Three Ravens Style for Spring 2017

Style is my new regular feature that explores the current style influences that are in my life and work, with convenient links whenever possible to help you get the look if you want it, too! I will be drawing from various sources to give you a visual treat – today I’ve got a special Pinterest board that I created just for today’s roundup. Please do click through to the various links and if you like what these artists are creating, give them some support!


My picks for today represent my own personal style, something that I’m tapping into with my Arcanity line. I own pieces from some of these creators, and what I don’t, I covet greatly. I feel that these are representative of one aspect of who I am as a person and an artist… I’ll be showing other sides of my inspiration and style as we move through the year, so if these aren’t your cup of tea [or black coffee], stay tuned for other posts. I am multi-faceted and I feel like my influences are the same! So without further ado, here is my Urban Mystic style for Spring.



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