It’s that time again – time for the latest edition of Xiane Loves, a link roundup of recommendations straight from me to you! There will be lots of personal reflection and observation as usual, and maybe something you can’t live without, yay!

We’re in February now, and I don’t know how your winter has been going, but it has been quite mild – though consistently grey – around here. I have been spending time getting back into spinning yarn and re-strengthening myself after my big fall in December, and that’s been going well. I was really tired of being housebound, y’all! I have also been crocheting as fast as my fingers will allow, and I hope to make some new Arcanity necklaces sometime this week, as well. So… I’m staying busy. Staying creative. Reveling in being alive!




This yarn will be getting plied tonight – expect some Super! Textural! Madness!

So, enough about me… let’s dive into the stuff you’re here for… the stuff Xiane Loves!



FitFoodieFinds has you covered for a gluten free Valentines Day!


Something a little different than your regular sugar cookie, these tasty morsels are made with almond and coconut flour, sweetened with honey, and absolutely don’t need the frosting to make them good. In fact, since I hate that sort of frosting, I’d be making them with colored sugar or just plain! They are super cute and perfect for any time, either way – not just Valentines Day!

I admit that I have a thing for cookies, so these might be just the ticket to keep me from over-sweeting myself. 😉




Are any of my readers doing A Month of Letters? I used to be a very dedicated letter writer – I have penfiends, as I called them, all over the world back in the 90s through early 2000s. I still am friends with many of those people now, thanks to first Livejournal, then Facebook. Those are some of the best, most enduring friendships I’ve ever forged! I would be honored to write you a letter or send a small package of interesting things… you can leave your address for me with Postable if that tickles your fancy! Just click on the Postable link and it will prompt you to fill out the form. It’ll be our secret.  😉



This is something exciting! I officially joined the Wild Sisterhood this week, and I am very excited about everything that is now at my fingertips for growth and community. I had already been a part of the general Facebook group and a regular reader of the Wild Sister e-mags and found them to be inspiring and helpful for my growth both as a person and entrepreneur… but I wanted to fully join the community and also get access to the extensive back library of e-mags, motivational tools, and online classes. After signing up, I dove right in to the library! It’s so full of resources! I’m having a tough time deciding which e-course to take first, but I’m thinking this Create Your Own Emag in 4 Weeks course might be a good place to start! Would y’all love a regular e-magazine to read? I think I would love making one!


You can check it out [and hopefully join me!] via this link – it is an affiliate link, but that’s because I have tested it out and recommend it so highly!


Photo by hello glow!


You may have noticed that I am a touch… obsessed… with plants. Special favorites of mine are succulents and air plants, but I have many different kinds throughout the house and on the patio, as well as in the garden outside. But you don’t have to have a Super Green Thumb to have a green home! There are some plants out there that you can keep inside for a lovely atmosphere and for air cleaning, and they aren’t fussy at all to keep! One of my favorite blogs, Hello Glow!, has a list of 11 Low Maintenance Houseplants for you – perfect for the experienced, newbie, or self-professed black thumb plant fan.


Image: The Pale Rook. Dolls that led her down a lovely path.

Sometimes, you find an artist that really speaks to you and inspires you with their work. And that’s wonderful, uplifting. Then sometimes you read the story behind the artist, and things get even deeper and more meaningful, because that story goes directly to your heart and tells you “yes, this person wants you to create, too. They are speaking right to you!”

That’s how I felt when I read this post from The Pale Rook about how she finally gave in to her compulsion to make dolls, and how it changed everything for her. For some of us, it’s always been there – that need to create, the pull of certain symbols or media or some other compulsion that underpins everything, even when we’re trying to be “reasonable” and live a life not built around art. And trying to push it to the back… well, that just doesn’t work. It’s IN us.


Without a doubt, because as wonderful as it is to have support and appreciation and clients who want to own and commission my work, my work has only become that way because I created it with just my own needs in mind.  And I’ve realised that one of my, and probably your fundamental needs is to create something beautiful or wonderful or terrifying or ugly, and quite possibly useless for no other reason than because it is in your mind and deserves your attention.

So whatever is in your imagination, go make it.  If you can’t sew, knit or draw then learn.  If you can’t sing, dance, write, do it anyway and keep doing it until it feels good.  What ever it is you need to learn or do to get what is in your mind out into the open, do it.  Do it over and over again. No matter how silly and pointless it seems, no matter how frustrated you get, keep going.  You have no idea what it may turn into.

Yessss. Thank you, Johanna aka The Pale Rook. That is just what some of us needed to hear.  <3




Oh MY, this tea! I am normally a coffee person, as anyone who knows me will testify. But I have been a long-time fan of rooibos and honeybush teas, and this Vanilla Rooibos from Adagio Teas is To. Die. For. It is perfect for when I’m cold and want a warm beverage without caffeine, which is usually any time after 9pm. [I get cold a LOT since I hurt myself, I’m not sure why.] This brews up quickly and easily and needs absolutely nothing added to it in order to be enjoyed thoroughly. I also like that the flavor doesn’t seem to clash with much else, at least for me. And it smells divine!
Adagio Teas Clear-Top Tin Herbal Tea, Rooibos Vanilla, 4 Ounce


One last thing… you know you needed a crochet tutorial, right? I’ve been all about the crochet lately, I’m sorry knitters. I’ll get some links for you next time. But this time around, and just in time for Valentines Day, I’ve got this link to crocheted hearts that you can make into a sweet garland. You know I love the garlands, right? I have a soft spot for them! You can also use the hearts as a variety of decorative items – I have one attached to the pocket of my hoodie right now with a safety pin, though I was told once that I really should pin it to the sleeve…   😀


And there you have it! Everything that Xiane currently Loves – what about you? Did you love anything here? Is there something I missed and should investigate and share? Do tell! I would love to hear all about anything you tried or you’ve been working on that I could share with the readership!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Three Ravens Studio! You are valued so, so much.