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So… I’ve been busy! The joy of making a new product, something that combines some of my favorite things in the world, has really swept me away. Making necklaces for Arcanity has me energized, because I get to play with all these beautiful semi-precious stones and crystals – and I also get to finally use some of the very thin, fine spindle spun yarn that I love to make but hate to knit up!

Making this yarn into chains for my necklaces really shows off the fiber and textures in my spindle spun yarns, and the textures pair beautifully with the stones without overshadowing them. And they are strong, and light, and really stand out.

In the future, I’ll be exploring styles where I use yarn to create more intricate chains, as well as some other necklace configurations like bolo styles and others. Suggestions are welcome! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to actualize your suggestions, but I’m interested in exploring all sorts of ideas!

I’ve added a few pendants that aren’t stone-based, though I do try to have some semi-precious stone beads in there whenever possible. I have a pretty big stash of lovely focal beads that are fun and unusual, so I’m trying to share them where appropriate. Let me know what you think!


arcanity 0916


Not to say that I haven’t been spinning yarn for my knitters/crocheters/weavers – I have, indeed. I have been working hard to get ready for PLY Party at Lovelyarns – if you’re in the Baltimore area, I hope that I’ll see you there on September 11th from noon – 5p?


Beautiful SW Merino/Nylon blend fiber from Neighborhood Fiber Co, n-plied and ready to work up! This is 1600 Penn Ave.

Beautiful SW Merino/Nylon blend fiber from Neighborhood Fiber Co, n-plied and ready to work up! This is 1600 Penn Ave.


I also have some loose fiber, merino braids, and nylon braids, and a good big armful of yarn. I’m working on bringing a bunch of mini-skeins of assorted handspun, too – for colorwork, textural add-ins, felting, and goodness knows what else. I have so many small skeins and oddities, my stockpile must be reduced!


I also have been VERY active on Instagram these days!



One of the best things about Instagram is that not only is it full of visual inspiration, but it is also full of amazingly talented people who are so ready to connect and share inspiration with each other. I have met and talked with so many wonderful artists, and had the pleasure of seeing their work, their process, and their everyday life – so generous, so fun.

One of the things I like is that interactions are often quick but deep. A chat with fiber artist Anne Marie Aque  of Loom & Thistle yielded this work from her – how exciting is this?


I absolutely LOVE this. I love trading concepts, riffing on ideas and respectfully allowing the inspiration from others to inform the work. I live for that. It’s the sort of community building that I find so compelling!


Other than all these things, I’ve been going to museums and galleries in DC pretty regularly, and that’s been very broadening, as well. Look to see some of that influencing my future work. I’ve done some drawing, a little writing, and some meditating. But mostly? Making. That’s what I do!


It’s been great to catch up with y’all! Look for more posts from me in the future – I needed to take a blogging break while I worked on settling out my concepts for Arcanity, but now I’m ready to start reporting back in. Look in the future for some posts regarding crystals, art, community awesomeness, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

Thanks for reading!

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