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Behind The Scenes: Colorful, Creative June

It is hot.

I dye fiber outside these days.

I am hot.

However, the heat is inspiring, and the skies are blue, and I am on the enclosed patio with an overhead fan, a cool iced coffee, and This Charming Man by The Smiths serving as the perfect June soundtrack. You can see that I’m immersed in colors, because YAY colors on a vibrant summery day!

You can see how casual it is around here today. Sitting on the floor to measure/weigh wool, garden just beyond the doors :)

You can see how casual it is around here today. Sitting on the floor to measure/weigh wool, garden just beyond the doors 🙂

I’m dyeing fiber in preparation for Tour de Fleece, which starts at the beginning of July. I’ll have special colorways up at the shop for sale, and if you’re on Team Nevermore there’s even a special discount! There’s been so much rain lately that it’s been tough to get the nice days I need in order to get my dyeing done, so I’m taking advantage of that now, for sure. Thankful for iced coffee, oh yes.

Besides prepping for TdF and trying not to get too sweaty, I’ve been continuing my quest for expanding my creative outlets and having adventures with Christopher, including an informal quest to find all the great coffee shops in DC and going to see art as much as possible. Lately we’ve managed to visit The Phillips Collection twice, plus the National Gallery of Art. We revisit galleries when we feel like it, because things are always changing and there are always new exhibitions to be seen. With the Phillips Collection, we needed to go enjoy the Rothko Room for a second time, because it was just so compelling, as I blogged about previously. It’s just so great to get that sort of inspiration… for FREE, because DC is great that way. And of course, coffee shops go right along with viewing art. We take our time to enjoy lattes and mull over what we’ve seen and the inspiration it’s given us. Highly recommended coffee places so far? Flying Fish, Bakers & Baristas, Baked and Wired.

I’ve been using that inspiration to work more with drawing and playing with unusual for me color combos in my fiber projects. It’s been pretty great.

Want to see some pics from the recent adventures?


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