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Behind The Scenes: Pittsburgh Road Trip!




Thursday morning: I got up early and jumped in my Jeep, filled up with BA needles, OMG hooks, batts, rolags, and handspun yarn. On the road with increasing clouds, then downpours, then beautiful blue skies by the time that I got into Virginia and close to Wild Hare Fiber Studio.

Melissa of Wild Hare was kind enough to invite me along to be her booth buddy at Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet – I helped with customers, and I got a corner of the booth for Threeravens stuff. Everybody wins, yay! I love arrangements like that. Fiber & friendships, the best combo.

After rolling hills, flocks of wind turbines, and a trip through the Allegheny Tunnel, we made it to the city. I had never been to Pittsburgh before, so I was excited to not be the one driving into the city, so I could look around without feeling distracted. We came in through The Strip District and I regret not having the time to explore there. Next time, Pittsburgh! I promise!

Doing a big show is a very intense experience. You rush to get to the venue, then you schlep in tons of heavy displays and merchandise in a big hurry, then you speed around trying to get everything set up in time and looking as good and appealing as possible before the shoppers arrive… then a couple of days later, after standing for a weekend while chatting with lovely people, then you bust ass to get it all packed up and back home again. [where you have to UNpack it and then inventory! whee!]

But the best part of doing shows is meeting all of you. I have the BEST time at shows, because people come up and say hi, show me what they’ve made, ask me questions that sometimes spark new ideas for things to make for all of you, and generally make me super happy that I do what I do.




I am SO grateful to Melissa for inviting Threeravens along to help in the booth and sell some of our things: I was also thrilled to see people get really excited about our BIG tools, especially our OMG hooks. And so many new spinners will be coming out of this show, too, based on the number of spindles that went home with shoppers. So a BIG thanks to Melissa and Wild Hare Fiber Studio, and an even bigger thanks to the fiber fiends of Pittsburgh for making the weekend completely amazing. YAY!

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