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Tying Up Ends: we have many things in common, name three



This is the sixth post and my attempt to answer the seventh and final question prompt in the #YourTurnChallenge  [days one and two were compressed into one post]

Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?


This challenge gave me the opportunity to think and talk about some of my favorite topics in business and life – and look at reframing them a bit in my mind as I revisited the concepts, rather than just thinking about them in the same old ways. And here’s the other thing that I’m taking away from this exercise – that people really resonate with what I’m talking about, blogging about – and that we share many of the same fears, downfalls, wishes and quirks.

It’s not that I didn’t know that, exactly… but I needed the reminder. And I needed the verification that what I’m writing about matters and makes a difference.

Thank you for sharing your reactions. It makes me feel less alone. It confirms that we do, indeed, have a community – even if it’s not always the way I frame it in my mind. It’s not ALL the fibery people. It’s the ones who are on this specific path together. We are our own tribe, and welcome. 🙂

✵ Here’s a little aside – this isn’t the first time that I have used the lyrics in this blog post. I used them over on xiane.org, my personal blog, where I also spent time talking about creative challenges. Want to read about that? It was when I was working through The Artist’s Way for the second time [and the first successful round!] with my online Circle, and it has some appropriate feelings for how I’m feeling after this Challenge.


tying up ends

And speaking of re-using titles, it’s time to restart and dive into this blogging series that I started last year, but then had my depressive event and got off the rails with it. Let’s try again! I have much to share!
I will be restarting this as of this week, so keep an eye out for the re-premiere of my chatty blog posts about things I have learned from my time in business! Want to see what the first post was concerning? It’s all about getting in over your head with credit and promises, which unfortunately is NEVER a topic that’s out of style.


I look forward to keeping up more regular blogging, beyond the Community Thursday posts! Thank you for reading along and commenting. Thank you for being a part of my community. Want to see ALL the posts that were marked #YourTurnChallenge? Click here!

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