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Surprise, surprise, it’s my turn to play

dawn-176986_640This is the fifth post and my attempt to answer the sixth question prompt in the #YourTurnChallenge  [days one and two were compressed into one post]

Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself.

When I abruptly left Charlottesville to move back to Baltimore. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but ultimately the right one. I had so much going on there, between the radio station and The Dawning and DJing and non-stop socializing… but I’d so outgrown what Cville had to offer. I needed to move on, I just needed the impetus.

There hadn’t been a driving reason to leave – it was too comfortable, too easy to stay – but when my mom needed me in Bmore, it was clear what needed to happen.

And I made it work. I thrived. I started over again, and on the way I discovered knitting and that led to spinning and all of this. What was the surprise? That I had the strength and ability to start over. Then I did it again, when I moved to NC and left everyone I knew behind. Then, again, when I got divorced and came back to B’more.

I am so damn strong. That’s not a surprise, but what comes from that strength is, sometimes.


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