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Behind the Scenes: I love teamwork

“Society is joint action and cooperation in which each participant sees the other partner’s success as a means for the attainment of his own.”
Ludwig von Mises

This week, I’m slowly starting to come out of the depression that’s been haunting me – it’s hard to know that you just have to Get Through The Summer but There’s No Guarantees… yet at the same time, I know that’s the truth and once the season turns things won’t be so slow. The first year of having a studio/storefront is definitely a learning one; next year [hear that optimism?] I’ll plan to do much more teaching throughout the Summer and maybe even travel and do workshops if possible.

In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on learning things [always!], getting ready for all the things coming up starting in August, working on my little garden, and participating and Team Captaining our Tour de Fleece group, Team Nevermore!

bts i love teamwork

A little secret about this Team Captain gig – I couldn’t do this nearly as well without the AMAZING people ON the team. They’re all my co-captains. They all cheer each other on, and make suggestions, and come up with great ideas for the team to do, and offer INCREDIBLE prizes for the team.
I love ’em all. They’re the best, and this has been a really uplifting event to be a part of, because of them. It’s really encompassed everything I wanted TdF to be, and despite my jokes about the team being huge and the Tour being a lot of work [which I won’t lie, it is, but I really don’t mind] – they have made it infinitely easier for me because of how awesome they are.

Squeegee Cat is totally no help.

Squeegee Cat is totally no help.

Teamwork is part and parcel of my life – in the studio, too, without my friends and colleagues, I wouldn’t be nearly as strong. My shop is made up of their products and friendship, and I love offering what they make. Community is the foundation on which I grow my business and contribute to theirs, too.
Sometimes community also brings gifts – we try each other’s products, we trade finds, we collaborate and we commiserate. I just love it.

Awesome yarn spun from a Crafty Scientist batt - there's one in the prize pile for Team Nevermore, but this one in "team colors" is mine! :)

Awesome yarn spun from a Crafty Scientist batt – there’s one in the prize pile for Team Nevermore, but this one in “team colors” is mine! 🙂

I also send my work to other places, where it hopefully does the same job there that my friends’ products do at my shop. It’s pretty dang excellent. Community forever. Teamwork makes us all stronger.

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    July 15, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I love being part of Team Nevermore; you and all of the other great people on the team have made it so much fun for me! It’s a lot of work too, but I’ve been having a great time these part two weeks. 🙂

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