[Hopefully you’ve signed up by now! Membership will close when the Tour begins!]

I have had some awesome newbies ask about how the Tour de Fleece works in general, and this is also a good time to explain how it will work for this team. If you have suggestions or comments, they are welcome!

A lot of people got used to the hosted Tour on Ravelry, and though that’s one great way to do it, not everyone wants to use Ravelry or that group on Rav, or just wants to do something different – hence me hosting this team. You can totally join any other teams on Ravelry or off that you like. We have a thread in my group on Ravelry where chatter and photos can be shared, if that is where you like to hang out; the thread is here: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/threeravens-dot-net/2585133/1-25#11
I am personally on two other teams! I am competing for Team Gourmet Stash and also the team for spindlers on Facebook, Twisted People Drop Spindlers.

You can share goals set in your other teams with this one, or set different goals for this team. I just want to see us all spinning! 😉

So what’s this about goals and prizes?

The point of TdF is to spin, every day if possible. Of course, we all know that life conspires to get in the way of that, but having goals that you work toward finishing for the Tour can help to keep you on track. For some people, their goal might be to wash & process a fleece, then spin it up. Another’s goal could be to make a yarn every day of the Tour. [this was a previous goal of mine.] Or it could be to at least try one new technique. The common ones are:

Breakaway – spinning art yarns, especially ones that have new-to-you techniques
Climber – personal challenge [see suggestions above]
Sprinter – spinning for output [huge skeins of yarns, sweater’s worth of spinning, lotsa laceweight are all ideas]

The Challenge Day – July 18th – should be a day to try something that really knocks you out of your comfort zone. That could be to spin for a couple of hours straight, or spin one yarn in a sitting, or to try the technique you’re a little afraid of, or spinning something totally weird or hard to spin. [googly eyes, anyone?] The goal and challenge is all up to YOU.

The prizes will be given out according to these guidelines, and loosely based on both Tour de France rider designations and Tour de Fleece spinner challenges.

Here’s the prize categories I’ve got so far:

  • Breakaway: Art/Expressive Yarn
  • Mountain Climb: personal challenge
  • Sprinters: spinning for amount
  • Lantern Rouge: underdog prize
  • Natural Yarns: no dyes, please
  • Creative Display: amuse me with pics of your yarn
  • Peloton: Random Prize!
  • Maillot Jaune: finish line prizes

How do you enter for these prizes? Post pics of your finished work on our posts here, or on Facebook. If you have a category in mind, you can mention it, otherwise I’ll determine where it best fits. Yes, you can enter for more than one prize where it fits. Winners will be chosen randomly for each category. Most prizes are awarded at the end of the Tour, with exception of the Peloton prizes – they’ll happen here and there, to award you for your hard work!

Questions? Suggestions? Comment on this post! I’ll do my best to make it all clear! 🙂

OH! Please, team-members, feel free to declare your goals here in the comments [or on the Facebook event] and I’ll compile them for you in a handy-dandy Goals List!