What is Tour de Fleece? Well, as you might expect with the name, it happens in tandem with [but is not associated with] Tour de France. It’s a great way to challenge yourself as a spinner – you can either try to spin every day, or set a specific goal, or something else that happens during the TdF. It was started by Star Athena in 2006. It has grown into its own thing on Ravelry.

I’ve done it “officially” for two years; in 2011 and 2012.

This year, the Tour de Fleece starts Saturday June 29 and runs until Sunday July 21nd, 2013.

Guidelines (NOT RULES):

* Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday June 29th through Sunday July 21st. Days of rest: Monday July 8th and Monday July 15th. (Just like the actual tour.)

* Spin something challenging on the challenge day (usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, it’s Stage 18, on Thursday, July 18th, when they climb Alpe d’Huez twice).

* Take a button if you want one. Then we can use the button on our blogs in show of solidarity.

* Wear yellow on Sunday July 21st to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour – but here we are all ‘race leaders’)

* Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter – think FAST), Polka-dot (climber – as in uphill), and white (rookie)

This year, I’m doing it without posting or registering in the official Ravelry Tour de Fleece group. There *will* be talk on the Threeravens Rav group, as well as on the Threeravens Facebook page. I’ll also update my progress here on the blog; I recommend that if you want to play along, that you do the same, because it’s fun!

Here’s the images you can use:

tdf 2013

tdf 2013

Oh hey, did I mention that there will be prizes? THERE WILL. I’ll be announcing those closer to the start date, but let me just say that they’re not all from me, and they’re all excellent. 😉

Want to join in? Just sign up officially by commenting below! If you have a blog or website, please link it when you do, and I’ll make a list of our team mates with links to you all. Let’s get ready to SPIN!