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The week after a big show is usually one of recovery.

It’s not that doing a show is hard – on the contrary, even when the show has a big setup, the exhilaration of meeting people and talking about what I love always makes it SO easy and fun. It’s after, once the excitement has worn off, and you realize you’ve given everything you brought with you to the room… that’s when it hits you that you’ll be needing a few days to recharge. 😉

So this week was mostly taken up by putting the shop back together, thinking about new ways to improve the layout of the space, and working on crafts that re-energize me. One of the things that I did this week to improve my energy was to do what I like to call “stabby-stabby-stabby” – or more properly, needle felting.

Felt tablet case, embellished with my own handspun.

Felt tablet case, embellished with my own handspun.

I bought the tablet case at a craft store, already made. It’s a touch big for my HTC Flyer, but I like how it’s made and next time I’d probably make one on my own of a similar design. I took some of my handspun and made a freeform embellishment design, using a Clover multi-needle tool to jab it into place. Super simple, with great results. I think the whole thing took me 20 minutes at most, while watching some Battlestar Galactica.

It is very soft and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. I do think that I’ll be doing more projects like this during the Summer heat. It’s fast and fun.

Spinning the most precious yarn I've ever worked with.  <3

Spinning the most precious yarn I’ve ever worked with. <3

Another thing I did a lot of this week was spinning. The most important yarn I’ll ever spin was the last one I worked on this week.
It’s a memorial yarn for a beloved friend. I am honored just being able to do this small thing for her and her dear canine companions, now gone. It was hard not to cry a bit.

A better perspective of spinning the husky hair.

A better perspective of spinning the husky hair.

After washing the Husky fur [and using a copious amount of vinegar on it to make sure it had a neutral smell and was ready for spinning], I found it to be incredibly soft and relatively short-stapled. For a spinner, you’ll know what I mean when I say it spun up a lot like Angora or camel. It’s not the most even yarn I’ve ever spun, but I plan to Navajo ply it, which should help to both balance it a bit, and allow the yarn to open up and show off the incredible softness.

I’d though I would have to blend it with another fiber, but I was able to spin a respectable thread with just the fur. It’s really lovely.

One more pic, so you can see the variations in the strand.


And to close, a little bit with me taking in my goofy voice about why and how I’m spinning this up – you can watch me in action – and what this means to me.

So much love for my dear Kristy, for whom I am spinning this precious yarn. <3

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    Rob Lescalleet
    March 31, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Beautiful <3

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