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behind the scenes – situation normal

This week was nuttin’ special – dyeing fiber, spinning yarn, shipping out packages, talking to customers, dancing around to 80s New Wave on the weekend…

Situation Normal. 😀
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Some random things:

I am born and bred Baltimore. We sometimes jokingly call ourselves Baltimorons, but will probably punch anyone not from Bawlmer who uses the phrase. Baltimore, as you might have gathered if you follow my blog but are not from here, is a weird and goofy place with a good sense of humor and an occasional bad attitude.

It frustrates me sometimes that non-locals only get a concept of B’more that is based on Homicide: Life on the Streets or The Wire. Yes, Baltimore has crime – there are the “places you shouldn’t go” and the usual admonishments to be aware constantly, don’t go alone, yes yes yes – just like any other bigger US city. When I left B’more in 1990, it was because the drug scene and crime were very high, and the overall attitude of the city was depressed and angry. I came back because things have been changing, and for the better.

We are learning to embrace the Arts as a way to keep our heads up. We’re remembering that we have a good sense of humor, and a lot of interesting history. We are finding new opportunities and trying to revitalize the run-down neighborhoods. [hello, via the Arts!]

I love my graffiti-covered, unevenly resurrected, dirty-watered, crab-eatin’, funny-accent-having city. It gives me inspiration, it makes me laugh, it definitely frustrates me sometimes… but it is 100% REAL. If you want a real slice of life, this place will give it to you.

Baltimore Graffiti

Wanna see where my color ideas come from? This would be one place!

Have some photos about the normal week at Threeravens Fiber Studio!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to see more about Happy Fuzzy Yarn [referenced in the gallery above] and learn about the Local Wool Project, here’s a link! http://happyfuzzyyarn.com/

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