I got an award! And I’m going to give some away!

So there’s this wonderful thing that seems to have been going around for a while – like a chain letter, but really NICE instead of anxiety-inducing! 😀
“What is it, Xiane?” you ask. [well, maybe you don’t ask, but humor me here, okay?]

And what is that, you ask? [see above for how you’re humoring me]

It’s an award! And I think it’s really an award for having awesome friends, as I was nominated by the ever-amazing Bridgett of Rambling Designs, who had super-flattery things to say about me and this here blogspace. <3 The rules are: I tell you seven things about myself, then I nominate up to fifteen other blogs that I adore. Easy-peasy! I want to tell you seven things you really might not know about me, so let's see what I come up with...

  1. I discovered at a young age [maybe 4 or 5?] that I enjoyed making concoctions. What this meant for the adults in my life was discovering my secret stash of… scientifical facial product experimentation…. hidden under the bed. Key components included baby powder, Jean Nate, toothpaste, and hydrogen peroxide. You can imagine how it smelled.
  2. I went to college for Theater Arts. You can see how that went by looking at my current career.
  3. I’ve dyed my hair many colors, including combinations of them that might make someone raise an eyebrow, but I’ve never dyed it green. My favorite was when I dyed it a blue that did fade out to a light blue with greens in it… I then overdyed it black, but not before putting a bunch of little braids all through it, so the blue/greens would show up in highlights. I looked like a crow!
  4. In the Summer of 1985, a friend and I hitch hiked all the way from Baltimore to NYC. We walked a HUGE portion of the trip. We did it with $20 apiece and when we finally got home, I had more blisters on my feet than I ever have had in my life.
  5. I went to school to be a travel agent/work in the travel industry. You can see how that went by looking at my current career. [I graduated second in my class, but I was so frickin’ bored]
  6. I used to have “lucky pants” that I would wear when I went to auditions. There were two pairs that were the Super Special Pants of Getting The Part – one was tomato red, and the other was primary yellow. I wore those with a black shirt, and looked like a bee. I never got rejected if I wore those pants. If you know me and my clothing choices now, this is especially hilarious. But I really did used to wear crazybright and silly clothing. I had a favorite skirt that looked like a green Egyptian-themed teatowl. Another pair of pants I wore a lot to punk shows was an ugly pair of men’s golf pants that had yellow and blue paisleys on them.
  7. I used to have Marguerite Henry of Misty of Chincoteague fame as a penpal. She was super nice and wrote me a bunch of letters, even though I mostly sent her drawings of horses and other animals. I also have a letter somewhere from Carl Sagan’s secretary, a post card from Anne McCaffrey, and the autograph of Tom Chapin. [anyone remember Make A Wish?] I have been lucky enough to meet some of my heroes/inspirations or at least touch them in some way. I even had a crab dinner with Isaac Asimov. I really enjoy finding the common ground with people who have inspired me to do more, dream bigger, be better. It gives me hope. 🙂

Couldn’t have made that more rambly if I’d tried! It was fun to try and think of new info to tell y’all – I live here in XianeLand, so none of it is new to me, you know? I hope you learned something that at least made you laugh!

Now for the blog nominations! You don’t *have* to play along, but if you do, I really want to read what you have to say!

  • Wende of Mireio Designs always makes me smile, and she’s got a great post up currently about cardamom bread you MUST see.
  • Eileen writes http://daffodilcorner.wordpress.com/ about her life, her craft, and her business. She makes adorable amigurumi.
  • Stacey of UrbanGypZ makes pretties and talks about life.
  • Wool Wench – fiber! Yarn! Inspiration!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd… it’s not that I can’t think of more people to add, but that I’m running out of time to do this properly, so I’m doing it the Xiane way. [aka, at least it’s done, even if it’s not done perfectly!]

So GO FORTH and nominate! Read the blogs! And live long and prosper!