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Rock your enthusiasm – a business MUST!

Hey there folks! I’m going to step out of my usual Fiberista mode for a moment to talk about something else that I’m really passionate about. And note the use of the word passionate, because I chose it on purpose.

If you’ve met me in person or talked to me online, you know that I light up when I talk about what I do – fiber arts thrill me to no end, and I will get very animated when talking sheep breeds or spinning techniques or textile exhibits or whatever! And I very much ascribe some of my success to that passion, that absolute delight in what I do. People are captivated by it – they want what I’ve got, you know? They want to be that excited!

But that translates into EVERY business, folks… in fact, it isn’t just business, it’s anything you do that you want other people to notice. When I was a DJ and performer, I was just as passionate about what I was doing, and it drew people to my gigs and my radio show. I “sold” people on what I loved without even trying, because it was obvious that I was thrilled to be doing it.

Tara Gentile posted a great bit about this today at her website, and made me so excited, because this is stuff I say, too. She hit exactly on what I tell people all the time about success:

You can’t hide when your business is powered by the “thing” you love.
[…] Customers are attracted to the power you draw out of your own enthusiasm. Friends, too.

Are you an fine artist, photographer, dancer, jewelry maker, craftsperson, musician, writer, high-wire daredevil, professional living statue? Share your passion about it. Wear it on your sleeve and show everyone how amazing what you do makes you feel. Trust me, we will pay attention. We will notice, and your enthusiasm will start to rub off. Suddenly, you may find yourself surrounded by supporters, customers, patrons. Rock your enthusiasm!

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    July 12, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    It is so true! I am glad you posted this today. It is what I was feeling and just what I needed to read! *HUGS*

    I don’t want to be caught in past feelings that block me from being creative and doing what I love! Keeping my energy focused on what makes me happy is so important. If I am happy about what I am doing then I want to share more and people respond to that.

    You enthusiasm is contagious!

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      July 12, 2011 at 2:56 pm

      See, that’s what I love to hear! I sometimes feel almost like a fiber evangelist, I get so excited about what I’m doing… but dammit, it really does mean so much to me! Not only what I’m doing, but the fact that I’m trying so so hard to make this my whole life – it IS exciting, it’s breathtaking, it’s WHEEEEE so awesome! 😀

      I love when you share what you love to do! You inspire me, too. Especially your willingness to try new crafts – that’s so great to watch!

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