Sponsor Me!

Hey there, awesome fiber fiends!

What’s this sponsor thing about, you ask? Well, here’s the thing. Right now, Threeravens is slowly growing – but I both want and need it to be a hugely successful, sustainable and locally-supporting business. It’s my job, but it could be so much more!

In the past year, I’ve turned to mostly locally-sourced fiber, and I’m cultivating relationships with local businesses as well. It’s important to keep my community sustained, because without them, I’m nothing. And without me and all the other local shoppers, they would be hurting for business! I do so love a win-win situation.

What does this have to do with asking for donations? Well, for starters, I’m looking for investment, not a handout. I am more than willing to give back to those who help me out. If you invest in my small business – putting your money down to say that YES! Small business matters to me! – then I will reciprocate in kind by saying, “YES! My supporters matter to me!”

I will draw up a chart of goodies for those who invest in this small handmade biz; every level of donation will get a little something! The more you invest, the more I’ll share. I think that’s only fair. I’ll also have surprises and the like, because that’s how I roll.

What will this money go to?
In the first round of existence in the Studio, Threeravens grew substantially. That was thanks to hard work, but ESPECIALLY thanks to you, my lovely fiber artist friends who saw the value in having the Studio as a resource. THANK YOU.
Now that I’m expanding into a retail space as well as a teaching resource and a supporter of Handcrafted and Local, I’m hoping for even more community-building. Things to come include availability to purchase handcrafted fiber tools and accessories, hand processed and dyed fibers – including those local fibers that we love so much – and expanded classes and community support. I want to host workshops and fiber parties and explore various spinning fibers and textile arts. I want us to grow our Fiber Arts Community.

I still need some equipment, chairs, fixtures, and always more wool and other fibers. Extra dyepots, so I can offer classes in dyeing would be wonderful. I’m also looking to add spinning wheels to the inventory, so that folks can come try before they buy. We already have plans for some other handmade spinning, knitting, and crochet tools.

The final goal? I want Threeravens.net to support a sheep or alpaca [or several!], one we can name and see and pet and take pics of – one or more that we can confidently say that fulfills our commitment to closing the local circle, by investing in just as you invested in us. It will be OUR animal friends! We will see pics and get updates and then there will be special yarn and fiber available from those very animals. As I can’t raise them myself currently, and I’m betting you can’t either, this is the next best thing.

I would really love to have you along for the ride. Will you join me? Will you sponsor me in this Handmade Adventure?


Custom Local Fiber, 2lbs

All of the Sponsoring Perks!