Fiber Studio

Located on the second floor at Lovelyarns in the delightfully quirky Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. Full of color and fiber and fun. Where the magic happens. Come visit! Open W-Th-Fr-Sat from noon to five pm & Sun from noon until four pm. Other days and times possible with appointment!

You can also come here and learn to dye wool and protein fibers, rent use of a drum carder or box wool picker, or learn spinning on a wheel or drop spindle. All equipment rentals will happen at the studio only, with myself supervising, and are $10/hour. Fibers used must be clean and ready to go through a drum carder – I have a Fancy Kitty Kitten with 72 tpi cloth on the licker-in and 90 tpi cloth on the swift, so keep this in mind when it comes to carding. You can split time – if you need to pick your wool before carding, it’s fine to mix those two tasks! If you are not experienced with a drum carder, you will be required to sign up for a Carder Basics class, which lasts an hour and will cover everything you need to know get started using a drum carder for fiber blending!

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Classes will be listed on the Events/Classes page as they become available; I am happy to schedule one-on-one sessions on your timetable when possible. Just shoot me an email or call to talk about availability.

Some of the personal sessions you can schedule include:
“What’s this do?” – get to know your spinning wheel
Getting Started – spinning on a wheel
Overdye Your Ugly Yarn – bring a skein of animal fiber yarn and we’ll make it pretty
Drum Carder Basics

And more to come!

To make an appointment: email info at or call 443-991-6007