The art of creative interpretation 1

Fiber art is a funny thing.   It’s funny because it can go so many ways. It can be really pretty or just made to be hardworking, utilitarian or ornamental, very soft and comforting or luxurious or hard and stiff… or combinations of many of these. It can fulfill a need for process, or a […]


tour 2014 big

Tour de Fleece, week one! 3

    Hello, dear readers! While the Tour de Fleece is going on, I’ll be forgoing Community Thursday posts – I know, I know, but it’s just too much for me to handle properly at this time, so I picked the super exciting TdF to focus my energies on! I’ve had a lot of people […]

06-19: Community Thursday! 1

After a week’s break, we’re back with another Community Thursday! I got all thrown off with my usual posting while I prepared for the [amazing] Annual Spinning Seminar at The Mannings – I’ll tell you all about it in a following post, it’s TOO BIG to not have a post of it’s own – but […]

comm thurs 2014

comm thurs 2014

6-5: Community Thursday! 2

Hello, my friends! Once again, I’m getting this Community Thursday post started late late late, but it’s here! Things have been crazy-busy-good here in Threeravens-land, which has made it a little harder to keep on task with things like blogging. Not for lack of great material to write about, though! Here in the Studio, I’ve […]

5-29: Community Thursday! 21

Hello, dearest readers and fiber artists! Today is a rainy and cool late Spring-almost-Summer day in Baltimore, the perfect time to dig into what the Community is making and doing. I’m currently dyeing Wensleydale wool locks in vivid colorways, as well as touching up a round of sock yarns [exclusive to Lovelyarns! You won’t see […]

comm thurs 2014

bts taking the leap

behind the scenes: taking the leap 1

Sometimes, the first step is really hard! Sometimes, you manage to talk yourself out of taking it. “I can’t do this. I’m not qualified enough, and everyone knows it. People will think I’m a fraud. People will think that I’m a fool. I don’t want to fail. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to […]

Building Community, together. [forever!]

    I count myself as very, very lucky.   I’ve been a part of a couple of really strong, interesting communities. The one I was in before I became a fiber artist – the Goth/Industrial/Underground subculture, which I still have a connection with, but I’m not immersed in anymore – taught me so, so […]