04-17: Community Thursday!

Hello, my friends, and welcome to Community Thursday! I apologize for missing last week’s edition, but I have a VERY GOOD REASON for it, I swear! I promise! Why was I missing last week? Because I was super busy preparing for the LIVE BROADCAST with Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench and Arlene Thayer aka Spin […]

comm thurs 2014

comm thurs 2014

03.27.14: Community Thursday! 3

After a bit of a hiatus, LOOK WHAT’S BACK! Yay! I’ll be honest, my friends. Winter? It had me down. I didn’t feel like posting, updating, or making. I felt like going to bed. I felt like Spring would never come. And despite that fact that Spring came and we’re *still* getting snow, that feeling […]

Homespun Yarn Party 2014 = success! 3

    If you’ve been following us for a while, you might know that Homespun Yarn Party is our favorite yearly fiber event. It’s a big room, packed with 32 of the best local fiber artists, offering hand dyed, spun, carded, prepped, or made fiber-related items… and ALL the people who want to buy them! […]

Selfie at the fiber show!