Every time I thought I’d got it made, It seemed the taste was not so sweet 69

    In lieu of this week’s Community Thursday, I bring you a possibly surprising but ultimately good [I promise!] announcement.   The next couple of weeks are going to be tumultuous for us, but not necessarily in a┬ábad way… just in a way that shakes everything up. You see, circumstances have dictated that it […]

Behind the scenes: show prep 40

    Preparing for craft shows and fiber festivals is simultaneously the most fun and stressful thing ever. EVER! When I have an event approaching, I have to kick all the creating into high gear. Fiber gets dyed – for selling as braids, for putting into rolags and batts. And the batts, they get carded, […]

behind the scenes show prep

comm thurs 2015

03/12/15 – Community Thursday! 14

    Almost halfway into March! I do believe that we might have had our last substantial snowfall for the season – though this is Baltimore, so there’s no certainty of anything! – and I am feeling Spring Fever baaaaaad. Also, all my farming friends have been posting pics of their new lambs and kids, […]