10-10: Community Thursday!

community I hope everyone’s having an amazing Thursday! Here in Baltimore, it’s chilly and rainy – the perfect day to sit inside with a warm drink and look at interesting, inspiring, and crafty posts online.

This is my favorite time of the year! Everything is crisp and the weather feels great… fresh apples and colorful leaves, pumpkins and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING… CRAFT SHOWS yay… hats and scarves and fingerless gloves become wearable again… can you tell that I love Autumn? [for those on the other side of the planet… Spring is my second favorite season, and still good for wearing knitwear too! *grin*]

So I hope you grab a cuppa warm beverage, a tasty snack, and your computer/laptop/tablet and join me now while I explore what’s going on in our Community!




First up – you might know that Threeravens lives at Lovelyarns, in a delightfully mutualistic fiber relationship – and that means that I get to hear about all the great things that are happening here… and tell everyone about them. This one makes me super happy to tell y’all about. Effective immediately and until the government gets its act together, knitting classes at Lovelyarns are free to all furloughed employees! Learn to knit, make holiday gifts, just relax for a while. [if you’re not local, you might look around your area and see if this is happening in your LYS!]
For more info from Lovelyarns about this:



Adorable pattern, thanks to Sew Chatty! [photo: Sew Chatty.com]

Adorable pattern, thanks to Sew Chatty! [photo: Sew Chatty.blogspot.com]

When it starts to get chilly, I love drinking hot beverages. However, they don’t seem to stay hot long enough for me… maybe I linger over my bev too long! I find that not only do cozies or “mug sweaters” help to hold in the heat [and keep my hands from burning], they add a touch of cute to my day, too. This tutorial assumes some skills already, but links to help for you if you don’t have them, and it gives you the method to make it work around your mug. CUTE.





This looks like a cool rework of some similar recipes that I’ve seen, with the smart twist of making it measured out. You could add essential oils into the moist part of the recipe, too. I LOVE the way handmade laundry soap works, so at some point I want to try this! [first, I need a food processor!]



Photo: TrinaHolden.com

Photo: TrinaHolden.com


Pumpkins that are lush, that last ALL season, that are huggable? That would be fabric pumpkins – because as Trina suggests, you don’t have to stick to velvet when making these. There’s a great step-by-step to help you get it right, including using real stems and a special technique to make the pumpkins extra gourd-like. Love it!



...I've got my eyes on you. Or on my needles. Actually, ow. Let's not mention that again.

…I’ve got my eyes on you. Or on my needles. Actually, ow. Let’s not mention that again.


HALLOWEEN KNITTING!!! You know that around here, we’re partial to the eyeballs. When I saw this pattern, I HAD to share it. Because what’s more fun than spinning one’s yarn on an eyeball spindle, then using pointy sticks to knit eyeballs out of that yarn? Too cool.


Twinkie Chan has an incredibly inspirational success story for any DIY person who wants to sell.

Twinkie Chan has an incredibly inspirational success story for any DIY person who wants to sell.


Red Heart blogger Janice 777 interviews mega-successful crocheter and crochet designer Twinkie Chan about her start, her path to food-themed domination, and the next steps for her biz. She’s a dynamic icon in the DIY/crafterbiz world, and I really enjoyed learning more about how she got to where she is.



Ohmygoats, I WANT. Photo: Attic24.typepad.com

Ohmygoats, I WANT. Photo: Attic24.typepad.com


Lucy of Attic24 always, always delights me with her colorful home and surroundings, and her constant creative output.  I go to her blog whenever I need a lift or a creative kick in the rear. She didn’t disappoint with this awesome yarnbombed lamp – she gently mocks it as being wacky, but I think it is stupendous and would squee every time I had to turn the light on if I had this in my house! Go to her blog to enjoy every lovely photo. *sigh*



Hopefully this will give you enough reading and inspiration to fill up a chilly, rainy day – thank you as always for joining me for Community Thursday! If you have something you’d like to have me feature, or something you’d like me to focus on, or just have a comment – please make sure to comment below or shoot me an email. <3