Behind the Scenes – Yarntastic!

This week’s been a more leisurely catch-up from last week’s build to the BIG Saturday event aka Spinning Seminar at The Mannings. And thank goats for that! I’ve done a few things that I haven’t been able to do lately, including having a real date day with Rob, reading a bunch of books [almost all crafty books, but I’ll list ’em out in a moment], and spinning a bunch of yarn with no real goal in mind but making pretties. Oh, and there was so much Squeegee Cat cuddling, too!

Garden updates, because people ask me [yay!]: well, the VegTrug cover is officially much too small for the plants now. The three tomato plants are pushing it up so high that if I wish to keep the birds and bad bugs out, I’ll have to make a new one. I *have* one started, but I’ve just been SO busy… *sigh*
You can check out this photo of Mr. Squeegee Cat on Instagram and see the half-naked Trug over his shoulder…

bts yarn

Along with making lots of yarn – seriously, between last Saturday to today, I have made or finished something like 12 yarns, most of which happened as I casually demonstrated techniques to people – I dove into making some cute pompoms.
A note about the pompoms… I totally blame Kate of Gourmet Stash. Not only is she the mistress of the excellent punis, she also is a pompom pusher. By that, I mean that she makes them out of gorgeous yarn, and often includes them in her packaging. They are precious and delightful and DAMMIT if I didn’t need to buy myself some pompom makers and make some of my own. TOTALLY converted to Pompom-ism. 😀

OH! And the reading for this week that I promised to mention! I managed to read or start these books:

Of course, Jenny Lawson/The Bloggess was hi-lar-eee-ous. The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs is now on my list of strongly recommended books for spinners – the techniques are all nicely laid out and so many are covered! State of Craft was interesting – I found it mostly dull in that “been there, done that” sort of way. Rob enjoyed it, and we discussed and decided that it’s because I’ve been a part of this sort of Indie Craft scene for so long, none of it was news to me. But as he’s newer, it seemed fresh. Homeward Bound, I just started. Look for some more ruminations on that later this week.

How about a gallery of this week’s photos? And as always – THANK YOU for reading, especially when I babble on like this! 😀

[oh, link for Nepenthe Homebrew –

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