Grand Opening: Behind The Scenes

Whoa, Nellie. Saturday was a FANTASTIC day. Today [Sunday] wasn’t too shabby, either.

All of the hard work that Rob and I have put into making Threeravens into a three dimensional entity, getting the feel for my aesthetic and making a small room warm and inviting – it paid off. Being lucky enough to carry lovely, well-crafted products from some of my friends and colleagues just adds to the charm and joy, in my opinion.

Just in case you didn’t know which artisans are represented at Threeravens Fiber Studio, let me give you a list! Currently, there are:

  • whimsical and lovely crochet items from Free Range Fingers, based in Maiden NC
  • handknit and finely crafted luxury knitwear from California Custom Crafts – seriously gorgeous!
  • unique handcrafted wood buttons from Craftwich Creations, located in Bellevue WA. [She makes wonderful crochet hooks too, give her page a look!]
  • high quality, beautifully crafted drop spindles from Baltimore local Kate’s Cauldron
  • and of course, hand dyed fiber and hand carded batts from Threeravens, as well as our new OMG crochet hooks, Big-Ass knitting needles, entry-level drop spindles and more!

So you’ve *heard* all about the shop, but would you like to see what everything looked like before the first customers arrived? I have photos for you!

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Perhaps you’d like to come visit? Our hours are W-Th-F-S from 12p – 5p, and Sun from 12p – 4p. Perhaps you’d like to see something else available in the shop? Let me know!
I hope to see you there! And Spinning Circle is coming soon!