11-15: Community Thursday

It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hannah Haworth Giant Whale

Hannah Haworth’s Giant Whale. Photo by Hannah Haworth.

I wish I knew more about her work, but Hannah Haworth has several knitted/fiber pieces on her site that might inspire and possibly amuse you.

“We’re counting on you. To be creative. To awaken our souls with beauty.” Words byJeff Goins, art by Mandy Thompson.
This lovely and inspirational piece is free to download and print, is encouraged to share, and is also available as a really nice print for purchase. Hat Tip to Christiane of Mermaid’s Bite for linking me to this!


Speaking of Mermaid’s Bite…

Please click this to enlarge the pretty things!

did you know that – besides the fact that they are the ONLY place in FL that carries products made from my yarn – Mermaid’s Bite also features art and craft made by skilled independent artisans? The array of beautiful items one can purchase from this wonderful gallery are worth a visit! If you’re not in or near Naples, FL, you can take a stroll to their website and support the gallery that supports handmade.

Lovelyarns’ Sue Caldwell did a delightful yarn bombing at South Moon Under at Harbor East, Baltimore MD.

Sue Caldwell of Lovelyarns has done more in Baltimore to bring positive attention to yarnbombing than anyone I know. She has knit cozies for the Hampden area’s trees, parking meters, and other objects; she’s covered port-a-potties at Artscape; and now she’s adorned Harbor East with some warm and fuzzy work! See the whole album at Lovelyarn’s Facebook page.

Banana Flax Crackers from Undressed Skeleton

Another gluten-free, quick recipe – this time, with only TWO ingredients, how much simpler can it be? I wonder if sesame seeds could be subbed out, too?

The Pink Woobie has a nice post with Links, Likes, and Loves today – now with MORE CUTE CAT. And a spinning wheel. Totally worth the click for all of the above reasons, and because the Pink Woobie is awesome.

A nice how-to for amigurumi holiday lights from Cut Out + Keep!

Fast, fun, and festive! This is a simple crochet pattern for amigurumi holiday lights that can be downloaded from Cut Out + Keep. I love little handmade touches like this!

annnnnnnnnnd – that’s it! As always, if there’s something you’d like to see featured here on my Community Thursdays posts, please let me know. And THANK YOU for reading! 🙂