Deviating from the norm for today – here’s why!


Normally Community Thursday would go here, but because I discovered that I would be a teacher at SpinQuest 2012, things got a little discombobulated in my scheduling. [in the best way possible!]

So in the interest of giving you things to read, here’s my quick recommendations for today:

  • Spin Artiste, An Online Publication For the Making and Using of Artisanal Fibers and Yarns
  • Neauveau Fiber Art Blog, which has a wealth of tips, projects, and discussion that is very inspiring
  • UrbanGypZ Blog, Stacey’s updates about fiber, fun, and insight.

I’m taking down the shop over the weekend, but NEVER FEAR! It will be back up, and it will get filled with whatever’s left from SpinQuest when it reappears. If you have questions or requests or just miss me [hee!] then leave a comment and I’ll take care of it upon return. And have a magnificent weekend – maybe I’ll see you? 🙂

photo by Steve Ruark of The Baltimore Sun