Holiday Heap 2011 In Pictures!

Holiday Heap 2011!

photo by Steve Ruark of The Baltimore Sun

Rob and I had SUCH a marvelous time at the Heap!
Big thanks go out to Charm City Craft Mafia, who made the magic happen and did amazingly hard work to create a fantastic holiday craft show… GrrChe Gourmet Grilled Cheese for a fantastic lunch… Red Emma’s for the caffeinated lift in the afternoon, and Meep!Craft for being such awesome booth-neighbors!

Oh yes… and a BIGHUGEAWESOME thanks to YOU! Without all the fantastic people coming by the booth to say hello, pick up yarn or fiber, or just watch my spin and ask lots of questions – well, we wouldn’t be there at all. I love you all and y’all made our day so fantastic, you just don’t even know.


Photo by Heather Russell von Marko of Charm City Craft Mafia